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Swimwear for large cup sizes

Perfect fit for DD+ 

Beautiful swimwear from Anita and Rosa Faia not only holds everything securely in place but also sets the perfect spotlight for large cup sizes. 

Whether you're looking for underwire, or wire-free styles, plain colours or happy prints our Big Cup line convinces with style!

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  • Strong support for fuller bust
  • Outstanding fit and comfort 

  • Highest level of functionality
  • Anita sweat management 

Swimwear for cup sizes E+

"Design follows function" vs. "Function follows design"

"The greatest challenge at Anita is achieving our demands on optimal fit through   to large cup sizes while creating attractive, sexy designs.

We are faced with this challenge again and again, every single day!"            

Christina, Swimwear Designer


Bra sized swimwear – the smart way to find your swimwear size  

Finding swimwear for cup sizes DD+ is not always easy. Many swimwear brands label their bikinis, tankinis and swimming costumes with the standard dress sizes S, M, L, XL and so on. But which of these sizes fits if you are wearing bra size 75 H? Large breasts but small underbust – will you rather choose small to fit your upper body or a large to cover your boobs? Or maybe take the middle way and go with medium medium?

Exasperating choice? At Anita and Rosa Faia we hear your pain. If you know your exact bra size, our sizing chart makes it easy to find your corresponding swim size. Bra sizes are maintained and are equal to your bra size. In our ranges you will find bra sizes from A-I cup. Under bust bands ranging from 30-46 are converted into dress sizes 30-44.

The following chart gives an overview: 

Dos and Don'ts to highlight large breasts 

Besides the comfort of a new bikini, tankini or swimming costume, the look is what makes us fall in love with a swimsuit.

With summer in sight we've put together some dos and don’ts on how to perfectly accentuate large breasts.

Look out for swimwear that offers enough support for your neckline when you buy a new swimsuit.

To avoid embarrassing exposure and painful digging in please ensure your new swimming costume does truly fit and is not too small.

It is very important to choose supportive swimwear if you are a DD+. Our Anita and Rosa Faia swimwear lines combine comfort and look! 

It all comes down to support

All Anita and Rosa Faia swimsuits, bikinis and tankinis labeled as “Special Big Cup Support” have especially been designed to meet the needs of big boobs. They offer a high level of support and create a breathtaking neckline. The straps are wider and positioned to take the weight off your shoulders and spread it evenly. If you prefer to wear halterneck or bandeau bikini tops you can also do so with a bigger cup size. Just make sure to choose a style with incorporated underwire, separated cups and side support (staves) to ensure a good level of support.     

Swimming is the perfect spot to make some heads turn with a beautiful décolleté. If you want to set the spotlight on your neckline don’t be afraid to wear some lively and colorful prints and patterns, they work as an additional eye catcher. 

How to conceal big breasts at the beach

In reverse to many women with small breast who desperately wish for larger breasts, the same goes for the opposite. Many women with big boobs feel uncomfortable with exposing their curves in summer.

With our hacks you do not have to be afraid of visiting a public pool or taking a sunbath at the beach. Just follow our tricks to hide large breasts and learn how you can optically minimize your décolleté. 

1. Wear the right size

It all starts with picking the right size. When you buy a new swimming costume make sure it perfectly fits your body. If you’re unsure visit a specialist to get measured. If your top is too small you risk your breasts spilling over the cup. This does not only feel uncomfortable but also looks unsexy. Our bra sized swimwear makes it easy to find the best fit!  

2. Vertical stripes                 

Vertical lines help to optically stretch the upper body and create a slimming effect. This effect appears with vertical stripes, zippers or lengthwise running seams.                                                         

3. Concealing cover-ups 

Pareos, tunics or blouses to match your one or two-piece take away the attention from your décolleté. Not only do they cover your cleavage but make for a stylish appearance at the beach bar.                   

4. Minimalistic elegance 

Darker fabrics and unobtrusive patterns optically make large breasts appear smaller. We also suggest not to wear bikinis with a satin finish as they tend to look bulky.