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Large cup sizes: Attractive bras through to cup size J

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Superior fit 

Our large size bras offer you the most accurate fit and outstanding wearing comfort!

Being equipped with a fuller bust does not necessarily come together with a wider underbust measurement. This is why you can find lingerie from cup size A to J in our Rosa Faia line, available for wide and narrow underbust sizes. 

Large cup bras

• Attractive and fashionable lingerie
• From Cup A to Cup J
• Also for narrow underbust sizes

A perfectly fitting bra offers support for larger breasts

It can be both a blessing and a curse: large breasts. While for some, it is the embodiment of femininity, others often feel the burdens of having a large bosom.

Many women with larger boobs complain of back pain, neck tension or cervical problems caused by the weight of their breasts. A well-fitting bra, worn in the right size, can minimize these issues and put your rack into the spotlight.

According to a survey, however, about 70% of women wear the wrong bra size. This fatal mistake entails that the breast does not get optimally supported; the structure of the breast tissue is affected.

Our advice: Get regularly fitted for your size by a bra sizing specialist at a stockist near you!

What makes a big cup bra different?

Large cups generally require a higher level of stability and support. In order for a bra to optimally fit larger sizes and to support heavy breasts effectively, it must meet the following criteria:

Many bras for large cups are equipped with firmer and also wider straps. This prevents from unpleasant incisions in the shoulder area and counteracts painful pressure marks. .

Soft but strong material to enforce the back of the bra combined with side staves are a few of the important details that distinguish bras for large cups and an indicator for superior quality. These features guarantee perfect fit and maximum comfort even in cup size I or J. The less elasticity in the cup section , the more support it has.