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Relief and support: Bras from Anita for fuller busts 

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In best shape, every day!

Our underwear line for comfort and relief is designed to take weight off your shoulder and make large busted women look their best – every day.                                   

All garments used for our Anita comfort are carefully selected to conceal smaller problem areas and highlight feminine curves.  

Anita comfort lingerie
  • Bras for large sizes
  • Reliefing padded comfort straps 
  • Ergonomical underbust band
  • Supportive frame

Anita comfort - underwear with supporting & relieving effect

Lingerie from our Anita comfort line offers perfect support for fuller figures. Especially in the larger sizes you we recommend our supporting bras to prevent back and shoulder discomfort.

Our range includes comfort bras and bodysuits as well bras and bodyshapers for maximum relief. The latter have extra wide padded straps for maximum wearing comfort. Choose from different bottom styles according to your personal preference (regular briefs, control briefs and high-waist briefs).

Curvy beauty

Within our Anita comfort line we offer a particular wide size range – something pretty to choose for every size. 

Underwear for curvier women gives you support, shape and relief. The times are long past when supporting underwear felt restricting. Today you find lacy and sleek comfort bras to make you look and feel your best!

Straps & Edgings

Wide, padded straps and soft, elastic seams ensure comfortable fit.


The specific wide back shape reduces stress and strain 


Ergonomically round shaped cups form a beautiful cleavage without spilling.

What underwear suits which body type?

In the following we  reveal which styles are most flattering for your figure...

The V-Type

Full bust, narrow hip. 

Additional support in the cup section and extra wide straps relieve the shoulder area. A front closure allows easy closing. 


The A-Type

Wide hip, less bosom. .

A control brief or body shaper conceals and smoothes belly and hip through its shaping front section with firmer fabric. 


The H-Type

Full boobs, full hip.

A bodysuit with medium to high support function and 360 ° body control models the figure from shoulders to bottom.


The X-Type

Full bust, wide hip, slim waist.

A comfort bra and matching (high-waist) panty with embroidery or decorative lace works flattering for your feminine curves.


What are the benefits of an Anita comfort bra?

Enhance your well-being

What many women do not realise is that a badly fitting bra can result in aches, pains and illness. Wearing unsuitable bras for prolonged amounts of time can lead to shoulder and neck pain.

An ill-fitting bra can further cause headache, cervical spine problems and even back pain in the lower sections of the spine.

Dr Hans-Ulrich Krüger, senior physician at a large rehabilitation centre, believes that an ideal support bra has to have the following features:

"The straps should be wide and padded and the underbust band anatomically shaped, elastic and flexible. This allows the resulting stresses to be ideally distributed or diverted and ensures that the musculoskeletal system and other tissue structures are relieved and not irritated.

The bra should also feel good on the skin and be completely free of textile contaminants."

Our specialist retailers are on hand to help you choose the model that is right for you!