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#AnitaSixpack - Sports bra air control DeltaPad

6x better performance

Take the test and feel the ultra light bra and its maximum functionality


Feature 1

Ergonomical comfort straps

Ergonomically designed straps means that they have been designed with the form of the body in mind. 

Curved straps perfectly adapt to your shoulders, the padding takes pressure off the shoulders.

No more digging in!

Feature 2

Ultra light mesh fabric 

The outer mesh layer in combination with the cup build a perfect synergy.

The mesh not only provides ventilation during working-out but also guarantees all-round support for the bust. 

This ensures ideal support also through to large bra sizes. 

Feature 3

Soft under bust band 

The under bust band feels extremely soft and adapts to your body, the materials have been selected to allow air-permeation

The high air-permeability ensures a dry feeling for your skin.

The stable band helps to minimize the weight and provides support for the breasts. 

Feature 4

Inside Out

The triangular shaped foam cup and cut-out sections keep the skin perfectly cool and provide moisture regulation.

The mesh fabric is barely noticeable on the skin and lis highly breathable.

Sweat gets transported to the outside and your skin stays comfortably dry when you exercise.  

Feature 5

Maximum bust support

THE innovative solution: The foam cup „DeltaPad“ an exclusive design by Anita.

The cup in a triangular shape creates a beautiful and sexy cleavage yet creates an attractive rounded bust shape.

The foam layer gets thicker towards the center and provides best coverage for your breasts. 

Feature 6

Air permeable foam cup

Thanks to its shape and design the foam cup ensures ideal sweat management:  Sweat gets absorbed and transported to the outside of the bra guaranteeing a perfect body climate.

The cup has thin edges and feels pleasantly comfortable on the skin.

Soft, hidden seams prevent from digging in.

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air control DeltaPad

A Sixpack everyone can achieve!



air control DeltaPad

6 reasons to wear a high-quality bra

  1. Ideal body climate while working out 

  2. High-quality materials and precise workmanship
  3. Strong support - Preventing your tissue from damage 

  4. Optimum fit, no more digging in, no more dents  

  5. Strongest support through to large size range 

  6. Durable use given the right care  

With a high-quality sports bra you are perfectly equipped for each sport.  

Take the test and see for yourself - you will feel the difference!

6x motivation

  1. The secret of getting ahead is getting started. 

  2. Excuses don't burn any calories 

  3. Should have, could have, would have -  DO IT!

  4. Every workout beats no workout! 

  5. One day, or day one - you decide!

  6. Sweat now, shine later!

6 workout hits

  1. Wake Me Up - Avicii

  2. Let's Go (Radio Edit) - Calvin Harris, Ne-Yo

  3. Burn - Ellie Goulding

  4. The Monster - Eminem,  Rihanna

  5. Call On Me (Radio Edit) - Eric Prydz

  6. Titanium (feat. Sia) - David Guetta,  Sia