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Anita active sport tights massage

Ultimate performance for your workout

highly functional - sporty - smooth

They fit like a second skin, shape an athletic leg and provide long-lasting power.

Discover the new Anita active sports tights massage made of structured powerful material with three-dimensional nubs.

Comfortable and powerful

With the new sport tights massage, Anita active presents powerful sports tights that pack a punch:

Sports tights that visually impress with their puristic design and give you perfect support and strength with functional 3D power ware during the training.

More importantly the tights don’t pinch or nip, even in the toughest of workouts. The Anita active sport tights massage are available in classic black or as a limited edition in vibrant fuchsia.

✓ High performance

✓ Perfect energy

✓ Relaxed muscles

✓ Safety support



sport tights massage & air control DeltaPad

✓ High performance

The high-tech structure power material with 3D nubs massages and tonifies the legs during the workout. The powerful material fits tightly which results in a great wearing comfort with shaping effect included.

The fast-drying, breathable nub structure also transports moisture away from the body and keeps the skin pleasantly dry.

This is thanks to features such as the airy waistband, 
the extra flat seams, the gusset designed for ease of movement and the clean-cut edging around the legs.  


✓ Safety support

The innovative functional sports tights are perfectly suitable for intensive endurance sports such as running or trail running. The compression of the 3D power material stabilizes joints and muscles for a lower risk of injury and a secure feeling.

Even with less intense sports - the sport tights massage will accompany you with a pleasant massage effect at the gym workout or the yoga session. 

✓ Perfect energy

The sports tights massage gives you the energy boost you need for your workout. 

The sport tights massage appeal with their perfect body climate. Breathable fabrics and cleverly positioned mesh inserts wick moisture away from the skin.

With the combination of powerful compression and massaging and toning nub-structure the Anita active sport tights massage provide better circulation, increases stamina and reduce energy loss during endurance sports.

✓ Relaxed muscles

The functional sports tights not only actively support you during the training, but are also an ideal regeneration accelerator afterwards.

With the interaction of massage, toning and compression the sport tights massage can delay muscle fatigue, reduce the risk of muscle soreness and reduce recovery times.

massaging three-dimensional nubs

soft and comfortable waistband 

smooth clean-cut leg edging

sport tights massage

sports tights that can do more.


"The sport tights massage are made of textured Power fabric featuring three-dimensional nubs which massage and tone. Moreover, the fast-drying, breathable nub structure transports moisture away from the body and keeps the skin pleasantly dry.

The sports tights may have a minimalist designed but they certainly pack a punch. The special Power fabric ensures top function and comfort.”


- Designer Katrin Prillwitz -


Sports bra air control DeltaPad

A lightweight with maximum function

✓ Cups

The triangular shape of the foam cup holds the bust
firmly in place. Cut-out sections keep the skin perfectly cool

✓ Straps

Ergonomically designed comfort straps

✓ Fabrics

Foam layer and ultra light mesh for optimum body

Award-winning active Duo

sport tights massage & air control DeltaPad

The Anita active sport tights massage not only won over the 63-member jury of the iF Design Award, made up of independent experts from all over the world. They also convinced the independent jury of the international leading sport business network ISPO. Our sport tights gain acceptance with their puristic design and outstanding functional power material.

In combination with the sports bra air control DeltaPad - ISPO Award Gold Winner 2017 - you get a power duo that sets the highest standards in the world of sports in terms of design, breathability and function.