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Large Cup Sizes: Swimwear for cup sizes E-I

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Uncompromising fit 

The Anita Big Cup Support guarantees you highest functionality and ideal wearing comfort. 

Flawless fit and best support are the most important characteristics when shopping for swimwear with large breasts. 

Discover all our swimming costumes for big cups. 

Large cup sizes
  • Swimming costumes through to I cup
  • Flawless fit
  • High wearing comfort
  • Additional Big Cup Support

How to shop for swimming costumes with large breasts?

If you’re shopping for a bathing suit, bikini or tankini fit is key, just as in looking for a new bra. This is why you should always make sure it does not run too tight. 

Straps that dig into the skin or cutting in edges don’t only look unflattering but can also cause health problems. Too loosely fitting swimming costumes or empty cups on the other side don’t look good either. 

Swimwear from Anita and Rosa Faia is available from cup size A to I, just like our lingerie. 

The wide size range makes it easy to find the perfectly fitting swimsuit, bikini or tankini. 

How to emphasize or minimize large boobs

If you like to put the spotlight on your décolleté don’t be afraid to choose striking colors and bright patterns. Gatherings and decorations draw attention to your cleavage. 

If you want more coverage swimming costumes with higher necklines and solid colours are what you want to wear. Not only do these styles help to minimize your breasts but also have a slimming effect for your entire body. An additional hint: Accessories such as pareos beach and cover ups are the ideal choice to complete your outfit and help to cover up.  

Mix & Match

Many busty women know the problem: You are equipped with big breasts but have a rather small waist? This makes it especially hard to choose from a lot of swimwear manufacturers. Let’s say you nee a large top to fit your breasts, the bottom in most cases also comes in large. The solution: Mix & Match swimwear!

Within our Mix and Match program in our Rosa Faia line you find numerous combinations. All tops come in bra sizes and are available separately from the bottoms in regular dress sizes. Mix and match different colors and choose from your favourite styles.   

The Anita Big Cup Support

Large breasts have a larger need for support and relieve. Our swimsuits are available through to cup size I. Incorporated underwires ensure support for your boobs and also make a beautiful rounded shape. Foam cups conceal and gently lift your breasts. 

Many styles come with additional BIG CUP SUPPORT: 

An additional lining in cup (1) and back provides increased stability, broader straps (2) and closure help spread the weight and maximize the comfort for the wearer.

Flexible staves in the sides (3) and the underwire (4) adapt to your body form and are made of stronger materials in larger sizes to guarantee an extra level of support.