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Bra Finder - Find The Perfect Bra for your Breast Shape

The 8 Main Breast Types 

... and the perfect Bra for them!

1. Slender  Breasts

2. East West Breast Shape

3. Asymmetric Breast

4. Breast Cancer and Mastectomies

5. Round Breast Shape

6. Tear Drop Shaped Breast

7. Bell shaped Breast

8. Side Set Breasts

Slender Breasts

Simply smaller breast      

A Slender breast shape is a smaller breast that is more volumes on the sides. With slender or smaller breast you have the option to choose from a variety of bras. You can choose a push up bra if you would like to make your breasts look bigger or more volumes. But, if you want to show of your smaller breast there are beautiful bra styles such as braletts and balconette bras. These type of bras will give your breast a beautiful and elegant look.

East West Breast Shape

Nipples point a little outward in opposite directions

If you have this breast shape you might also have a larger gap in your cleavage. A balconette bra or contour Bra from our Rosa Faia Collection will help pull the breasts in, giving you a fuller and rounder shape and beautiful silhouette. Make sure you find a bra that has and underwire, which will give you support and lift. Also look for padded cups or foam cups for a nice round breast shape. You can also consider Plunge bras for this breast shape.

Asymmetric Breast

One breast is bigger than the other

In asymmetric breast the difference can vary, from almost not even noticeable to a difference from 1 to 2 cup sizes that is very noticeable to the eye. Don't worry a difference in breast sizes is extremely common in women. The best bras for this bra type are bras with removable padding, bras with Foam Cups, padded bras or Contour Bras. For a wide selection for these types of bras look into our Rosa Faia Collection.

Breast Cancer and Mastectomies

Mastectomy or a bi-lateral mastectomy

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women. Our Anita Care collection is especially designed for women that have undergone surgery, women that have either had a mastectomy or a bi-lateral mastectomy. Our soft, non-underwire Pocketed Bras and Prosthesis create a perfect visual making it even out the breast. All our bras have a feminine look to it. *Please be advised that we don’t sell Anita Care on online at

Round Breast Shape

Breasts are just as round on top as they are on the bottom

If this is your breast shape consider yourself lucky, this is an easy breast shape to fit because it is so even. An unlined or thin layered molded cup bra is a great choice for you. Depending on your cup size you can choose with or without underwire. If you like your breast shape but don't want your nipples to be more concealed you can also choose a foam cup. Also keep in mind most bras will fit this breast shape. Tipp: the Twin Series is our Best Sellers.

Tear Drop Shaped Breast

Round but a little less full on the top

This is one of the most common breast shape form. Women with a bigger cup size often have this shape. The great thing is that most bras work great for this shape. Underwire bras are good because they can provide support and lift the breast. For this shape you can choose between simple molded cups and actual padded or foam cups. Look into our Rosa Faia Collection for a wide variety of bras, perfect for your shape. Tipp: the Twin Series is our Best Sellers.

Bell Shaped Breast

Fuller on the bottom and slimmer on the top

Bell Shaped Breast are usually bigger, meaning they will need D, E, F cups and higher. This means that women with Bell shaped breasts need a bra with a lot of support and lift. The perfect bra would be an underwire bra that will give extra support. In addition to an underwire it should be lightly padded or have a foam cup that will create beautiful round shape. Bras that fulfill this criterion are full coverage bras, molded bra or contour bras.                                     

Side Set Breasts

More volumes on the side and are set wider apart      

Side Set Breasts usually have a wider space between them making them look more volumes on the side. However, the nipples don’t point outward like for the East West breast shape. A great bra style for this breast shape is the Plunge bra. This style will push the breast more toward the middle and create some nice cleavage. Underwire is great for support but if you have side set smaller breast you can also choose a bra without underwire. 

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