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Bra size calculator

Find your right bra size here! After finding the right band and cup size for you we can show you different lingerie and bra styles that we offer in your size. To find your right bra size you should:

  • Wear a bra without push-up and the straps should be adjusted so that they lay comfortably on the shoulder without being too tight.
  • Use a measuring tape.

First Step: Measure Your Under-bust

A) Place the measuring tape directly under your bust and measure all the way around. Make sure that the measuring tape lays horizontal below your bust.

B) Tighten the band a bit and round the nearest whole number. (For example: If you get 28,8 inches then round up to 29 inches or if you get 28,2 inches round down to 28 inches.)

C) Now enter the number you got into the calculator on this page and press more.

Second Step: Measure Your Bust

A) Place the measuring tape around the biggest part of your breast – this is usually right about where your nipple is. Again make sure that the band lays in a horizontal position in the front and the back.

B) Round the number you got to the next whole number. Just like in the first Step.

C) Now enter the number you got into the calculator on this page and press calculate.

Your Bra Size is:

- -

Remember every woman is different and so are her breasts. The most important part is that the bra fits comfortably! 

Our Tip: Try a couple of different types of bras to find the one you like the best and the one that feels most comfortable to you.

You need Help?

You can always call our customer service and they can help you find your right bra size. Anita USA Customer Service: 1 (888) 461-6228

You want to be measured by a professional?

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Bra Size Calculator

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