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Fitting Guide - Does Your Bra Fit?

The Main Fit Issues

Most women know the feeling of a not well fitting Bra. Whether the bra is too tight, too loose, or simply not the right style it can be really frustrating and uncomfortable. We have a bra size calculator that can help you figure out your correct bra size.

Please keep in mind that there are many body types, our bra size calculator will give you a suggestion; however, it will be up to you to assess the fit.

Our tipp:
Also try sister sizes. What are sister sizes, see below.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you find the best fitting bra for you.                                                            

Tipp - Sister Sizes

You are usually a 34C but for some reason this new bra of yours is not fitting like you would like. Your best solution is trying a sister size. A sister size is found by adding a band and subtracting a cup size or by subtracting a band and adding a cup size. This means that if you usually are a 34C your sister sizes are, 36B (adding a band and subtracting a cup size)  or 32D (subtracting a band and adding a cup size).

Tipp - Underwire 

The underwire should lie directly under the breast, starting almost underneath the armpit and cupping the whole breast. Keep in mind that breast can be extremely different, they can be big, small, very close together or more separate. How the underwire will fit depends on how wide your back is or on how petit you are. If the bra is poking into your skin get a big cup or band size.          

Bra strap is too loose

The bra strap is too loose when it has been fully adjusted to the tightest way possible and it is still sliding off the shoulder. Even though it is good when the straps aren’t digging into your skin it is still important to get support from them. Some bra styles have longer straps than others; find a good style that fits your body type. Another tip is, if the bra has been adjusted and is still too lose you can get a bra clip that clasps the straps together in the back, creating a cross-strap bra.

Bra strap is too tight

It is hard to find out I the bra straps are too tight, they might seem perfectly adjusted when you start wearing the bra but after a long day you all of a sudden see red marks on your body. It is important to be aware that you shouldn’t get any red marks from a well-fitting bra. If you see that your shoulders have a red strap mark, you should definitely get a bra with looser straps or a bra that can be better adjusted.

Underbust band is too loose  

If you notice that your bra hooked on the last hook, yet cans till slide up and down your back, it is too loose. This means it is time to get a tighter band. Sometimes even a bra that once fit you perfectly can get loose due to wearing it so often. The under bust-band should be tight enough that when you slip the straps of the shoulders it should stay in place. When buying a bra try to buy one that fits you perfectly while hooked on the middle hook. This will allow you to tighten or loosen it when if you needed to.

Underbust band too tight

Thankfully most bras are adjustable which allows women to adjust them to their preference. Sometimes our bodies change a lot and it can be quite annoying when your favorite bra no longer fits because you gained a couple a pounds or maybe it shrunk while washing. (We recommend you hand wash your bras and let them air dry.) When the bra simply no longer fits and is too tight, making it hard for you to breath, giving you back pain then it is time to get a bigger band.

The Cup is too big 

If you are wearing a bra and realize that the cup is elevated from the skin that means you should try a smaller size. For bras that are supportive yet are made out of a thin material or don’t have any padding you will see that the cup is too big if it starts to pucker and wrinkle. Try adjusting the straps for a better fit. If adjusting the straps doesn’t help, then it is time to get a smaller cup size. Breasts change all the time, it can easily happen that one month you are one up size the next you are another.

The Cup is too small

If you notice that your breast tissue is coming out of the cup it is important to go up a cup size. Brands often fit women differently. This means that in one Brand you could be a 34C yet in another brand you could be a 34D. The fit of the cups could also be different depending on the style and shape of a bra. You could be 34C in a in a contour bra, a contour bra is a lightly padded bra and at the same time be 34B in a Bralett, since a Bralett is a slim mainly sheer bra with very little support.

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