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The Lingerie Glossary


2-Part Cup

A 2-part cup is when the cup is made out of two panels of fabric that are sewn together. Bras that have seams in the cup are more supportive than bras without seams.

3-Part Cup

A 3-part cup is a where the cup of a bra is made in 3 panels of fabric sewn together with seams. This style of bra cup is extremely supportive.

4-Part Cup

A 4-part cup is made up of 4 panels of fabric sewn together with seams. Also called a cut & sew bra. Many times, one of the panels will be along the outer sides of the cup to help center and contain the breast tissue.4-part cups are found more often in the larger cup sizes because they can provide additional cup depth, support and shaping.



Back Closure

If a bra closes in the back it has a back closure. A back closure bra has two or three rows of hook and eye closures as well as three adjustments. Some of our Anita bras have more hooks and eyes depending on the cup and band size of the bra.

Back Fat

Is the flesh that bulges out around the band and straps when wearing a bra. This symptom can be caused by your bra's band size being too small, but unfortunately it is normal for women with soft back tissue.

Back Wings

This is the fabric that connects to the bra cups and goes under the arms and then attach in the back.


This is another name for a demi cup bra. A balconette bra has more of a horizontal line going across the top of the bustline. Most of the time, the cups are seamed for an upward boost to give the breasts the look as if corseted. A balconette bra can also have push-up pads as well. The name balconette comes from men in the balcony of a theater looking down upon women. A balconette bra could not be seen from above.

Bandeau Bra

A wide strapless cloth band worn around the bust line. This type of bra is best for the young and smaller breast.


A panty style where the waistband rests below the navel and around the hips. This style has a high-cut leg line. This is a medium coverage style of panty.


A bralette is a less supportive bra, usually is made out of sheer fabric. A bralette can be non-underwire or with underwire. These styles are growing in popularity.

Brazilian Panty

A Brazilian panty is also medium coverage, it covers more than a thong but less than a full panty. A Brazilian panty has a full crotch, but the back is cut back to follow the apex of your cheeks in a V-shape.


Describes how “breathable” a fabric is. This means how much airflow the bra allows. This is extremely important for Sports Bras because breathability also refers how well moisture is transported from the skin to the outside of the fabric.


A panty style where the waistband rests at or just below the navel and the fabric provides full back and side coverage.


Center Gore/ Center Panel

The center gore also called or center panel is that piece of fabric in the center of any that connects the two cups together. The size of this center piece can help determine how supportive a bra is.

Comfort Straps

In a lot of our collections our bra straps are a bit wider than normal and are padded. This is great for women who often have back problems since the padding makes the bra a lot more comfortable.


The compression of a bra depends on how the bra is mad, the fabrics that were used. Compression means that there is slim to no breast movement, which is what a good bra is supposed to do.


A contour bra has cups that hold their shape, even when not being worn. The cups are molded and shaped with either foam or thin padding. This means that there is full nipple coverage. Contour bras are similar to a molded bra, except molded bras may not have cups with padding. Contour bras are always molded. Contour bras are a great for any woman seeking a sculpted silhouette, as they offer a significant amount of coverage and control.

Convertible Bra

A convertible bra has straps, which can usually be worn in six different ways: conventional, halter, one-shoulder, off-the-shoulder, criss-crossed, and strapless. It is important to get a tighter band in the convertible bra since you may use it without the straps you may need extra support that a tighter band could provide you with.

Corselet/ Corselette

A woman's support undergarment that combines a girdle and a bra.

Crop Top/Cami

A lightly-constructed no-wire bra that is a cross between a camisole and a bra.

Cut & Sew Bra

A bra with seams in the cups is a cut and sew bra. Most lace cups are cut and sew. The more seams there are in the cups, the greater the support.



A print on the fabric or detail on the lingerie.


A bra style with a very low-cut front panel that exposes a lot of cleavage. It is also used as a noun to describe a woman's chest area just above her bustline.



Enhancers are related to the Push-up bra, which creates the illusion of a fuller bust. Enhancers are most of the time already part of the bra; however, sometimes they can be inserts and be taken out of the bra.  


Firm Support

Sports Bras with Firm Support offer a great yet light support, this is perfect for yoga and other not too vigorous activities. 

Foam Cup

Foam padding in the cup of the bra, which creates a shaping effect. This type of cup also prevents nipples to show through. This is perfect for women that want coverage but don’t want a padded or push-up bra effect.

Front Close

A bra that closes in the center front of the bra, rather than the back.

Full Busted

Women who have larger breasts but smaller band sizes, such as a 32E. 

Full Cup

A full cup bra usually completely covers the breast. This means more coverage and also more support.

Full Support

A bra with full support will have wither an underwire or a thick under band, thick side wind and definitely three adjustable rows of hook and eyes.  

Fully Adjustable Strap

Bra straps that can be fully adjusted from the longest length to the shortest length, meaning they are doubled up.



An undergarment that is tight fitting. It sometimes is boned and extends from the waist to below the hips. It’s also known as shapewear.


Halter neck

Straps that support and hold the bra up around the neck.

High-Waisted Brief

A brief panty that has a high waist to give shaping and support to the waistline.


Hipster panties are worn lower down and their waistband goes around the hips.


Inner Sling

Inner slings or also known as support panels. An inner sling is a fabric that follows the shape of the bra cup; it is like an underwire just softer and here to provide additional support.


An extra padding, or fabric, usually sewn to the inside of the bra




Light Support

A bra with light support only provides light or firm support. These bras usually don’t have an underwire and are very thin.

Lined Cup

Is the lining inside the cup of a bra. This type of lining gives additional support and is usually molded.


Women’s Underwear and Undergarments.


an elastic fabric great for close-fitting clothing.

Lymph O  Fit

It is a special designed line of materials and fabrics that are used for the Anita Lymph O Fit compression garments. Garments that have a unique textured surface which creates a massaging and draining effect, it also provides gentle compression.


Maternity Bra

A bra made for women who are pregnant. A maternity bra will offer more support and have more breast coverage. (Also see Nursing Bras.)

Fabric that is made with microfiber, this means it is extremely fine and soft. Microfiber fabrics are extremely lightweight. This fabric can also move moisture from the skin to the outside and allow air flow.


A minimizer is a bra that helps well-endowed women that wish appearance smaller. This bra helps a lot, especially someone that is trying to wear a blouse.


Molded bras have cups which are machine molded from a single piece of fabric into a shape the manufacturer feels mirrors the preferred natural breast shape without any seams. 


A See convertible bra.


No-Wire or Soft-Cup Bra

This is a bra without under-wire. These are great for everyday or t-shirt bras. A non-underwire bra can also be padded.

Nursing Bra

A nursing bra is similar to a maternity bra but it has more features, one of them being the sling that attaches to cup openings which allow for ease of breastfeeding.


Organic Cotton

Cotton that is grown organically


This is a bra with padded cups; the padding adds size and shape to the breasts.

Padded Straps

These are straps that have additional padding. They are more comfortable, especially for bras with larger cup sizes.


A plunge bra creates a sexy look because of how low cut it is, this type of bra make the cleavage appear very pretty and is perfect for low cut tops.



This type of bra has additional padding at the bottom of the cup which helps lift the breast and creates the illusion of bigger breast.



This bra has straps that meet in a back in a "V" shape between the shoulder blades. This prevents straps from slipping off the shoulders and is great for sports bras.


Seamed Bra

Any bra that has seams; usually the more seams the bras running though the cup. A seamed bra tends to give more support than a seamless bra.

Seamless Bra

A bra with cups that have been molded into a permanent shape and fit. This bra gives a smooth and almost transparent look under clothing.

Soft Cup

This is a bra without under-wire. These are great for everyday or t-shirt bras. A non-underwire bra can also be padded.

Sports Bra

A sports bras is a worn during exercise which minimizes breast bounce. All of our sports bras have unique features and they range from Low Impact to High Impact.


An underwire bra that has no straps or removable straps.


T-Shirt Bra

T-shirt bra also called molded bra, the cups are seamless and often have a thin layer of foam to give shape and help against nipple show-through.


A panty with a very narrow strip of fabric in the back, these types of panties are great if someone doesn’t want to have panty lines.

Terry cloth

This type of cloth garment has the ability to transfer moisture away from the skin to the outside of the fabric for quick evaporation



An under-band is the band that goes around your back and is the main source of support from your bra. It is crucial that the under-band fits correctly.


An underwire is a wire that can now be flexible, a plastic coated piece of metal, or molded plastic and lies on the bottom of the cup of a Bras. This underwire





See Racerback bra.


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