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The Heart of our Production

Where do Anita bras come from?

Foreign workplaces in the clothing industry and the unacceptable working conditions are constantly under discussion and subjected to harsh criticism. And rightly so.

One of the main reasons for this is the fact that major labels and large retailers use production capacities which are owned by foreign companies. This means that the companies placing the orders have no real influence on the working conditions in place at the production sites. The sole desire to generate shareholders' value on the part of the contracting company and the resulting extreme pricing pressure on the manufacturers often prevent investments from being made to improve working conditions.

Production in our own plants

As a 100 percent family-owned company, ANITA takes a different approach: We own all of our production sites and we operate these plants in accordance with the highest standards so our employees around the world work in a great working environment.

Whether in Germany, Portugal, Austria, the Czech Republic, Thailand or Myanmar: our sites offer and ensure the best conditions at all times. We place extremely high demands on the level of quality in our workplaces, especially in the developing countries Thailand and Myanmar.

Our products are not only of the highest quality, but we also buy the majority of our raw materials from Europe. Our employees are truly happy and this translates into the best quality products.  This was always the vision of Georg Weber-Unger, the fourth generation company owner.