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Anita Maternity - Lingerie & Swimwear for Soon To Be & Nursing Moms

Anita Maternity

Being a mother is challenging, Anita Maternity is a collection designed to make it easier for expecting and nursing mothers. 
Lingerie and Swimwear that provides great fit and functionality. Each of our Anita Maternity style serves a distinctive purpose. 

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Maternity bras vs. Nursing bras

When shopping for maternity bras the first thing you need to know is the differences between maternity bras & nursing bras. 

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Fleur Nursing Bra up to J cup!

This nursing bra ensures excellent stability thanks to its full nursing support. The soft floral lace design makes this a beautiful, feminine bra. 

Fleur Nursing Bra

Anita Maternity Makes it Easy

Being a mother is challenging, Anita Maternity makes it easier with a wide variety of products for women in all stages of their pregnancy.

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Anita Maternity Bestseller

The Fleur nursing bra with under wire ensures excellent stability thanks to its full nursing support sling which runs right into the straps. This is a very functional and supportive bra with a beautiful soft floral lace, making this is a nursing bra you don't see every day!

Available to J cup!

Nursing Bra Fleur