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Gentle support for body and soul - these Breast forms made in our own factory in Europe.

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Our pocketed mastectomy bras and breast forms complement each other perfectly!

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Why You need a Mastectomy Bra?

Women are definitely the most powerful, strongest creatures in this world. However, going through a mastectomy can be a truly difficult experience. Aside from the emotional turmoil, simply finding a sexy, fitted bra can quickly become an exasperating task. But it’s nothing you can’t handle! You’re a strong, beautiful woman, and we believe in you.

With some breast care tips and advice, you can look full and flawless, and here at Anita Collection, we have you covered.

Why You Need a Mastectomy Bra?

It can be an emotional task to take the plunge into the mastectomy bra section for the first time. Although you may be tempted to wear a regular bra and slip your prosthetic in to fill the space, it’s important to avoid doing just that.  Mastectomy bras can give you a flawless look and abundance of confidence that you simply can’t get from any other kind of bra.

 -All Anita Collection mastectomy bras are non-wire to give you an excellent shape, lift and comfort

-Breast pockets ensures your prosthetic stays in place from day to night

-Extra softness for optimal comfort

-Adjustability for a natural appearance

Anita Breast Care 

Post Mastectomy Lingerie and Swimwear that include that Breast Forms and Post Surgical Bras.

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Mastectomy Bra Buying Tips

Now it’s time to start shopping the endless and stunning styles available on the Anita Collection. Here are some mastectomy bra buying tips to help you choose the perfect style for you.


  • Shop for Support

A well structured, supportive mastectomy bra is essential. It’s the key to keeping your prosthetic in place and will also eliminate sagging in the front whenever you bend over.


  • Breast Pockets

On Anita Collection, you can shop mastectomy bras confidently because all of our styles are designed to fit all prosthetic forms. This is important because within a quality breast pocket, the breast prosthetic can move around and rise up.


  • Seamless and Fabrics

You deserve comfort, and the material of your mastectomy bra can play a huge role in providing this. If you experience increased sensitivity around your scarring, opt for seamless and soft mastectomy bras to avoid a scratching or poking feeling. This is also an important tip even if you can’t feel the scarring area, as poorly made mastectomy bras and open scars unbeknownst to you.


Don’t let a mastectomy get you down! Having a quality bra can make you look and feel beautiful and confident, and get you back to feeling like yourself again. Together, we can overcome everything life throws your way. Anita Collection is here for you – and your bra needs.


The Anita TriProVita Concept

Prosthetic bras, swimwear and breast prostheses – the combination of these three products creates the Anita TriProVita concept.

The term TriProVita originates from Latin and translates into “three for life”. All designs are exclusively developed by Anita Dr. Helbig GmbH and manufactured in our own production centers.

You can also be assured that the TriProVita Concept was also designed with high quality standards in mind:  Anita mastectomy prostheses ensure a natural look and feeling. The Anita pocketed bras or Swimwear guarantee secured hold, outstanding fit and unsurpassed wearing comfort. 

A brief history about ANITA breast care

Dr Christine Weber-Unger, mother of the current owner, was a key figure in creating lingerie and swimwear products for women who have undergone breast surgery. She went the extra mile to learn about the needs of women with special situations and went on to develop special products which would help such personal circumstances.

The special care bra range came about in the 60s following a case of illness within the company, which led to a colleague having to undergo breast surgery. Dr Weber-Unger began to sew fabric breast forms using simple materials which were filled with rice. The first bras containing pockets to hold breast forms were also designed at the same time. The first liquid-filled breast forms were then developed and sold at the end of the 60s.

The idea of using silicon to fill a casing made from material which closely resembled the skin, thus achieving a much more natural breast form, came about in the US at the beginning of the 70s.  The idea was picked up on by Dr Weber-Unger and perfected by ANITA.

Breast forms and related lingerie and swimwear are still developed today, just as Dr Weber-Unger had envisioned.

  • Optimal Support
  • Outstanding Fit
  • Breathable Fabrics