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Prostheses for partial compensation

All-round care:
Compensation breast forms with and without adhesive pads

During a partial breast operation the breast loses volume. To regain the body‘s symmetry, soft compensation aids made of silicone are very suitable, and a wide range of shapes and sizes is available.

The models with the skin-friendly microfibre backing ensure maximum comfort. They can be individually
filled with medical fleece.

The edges of the silicone gently mould to the skin and lend an all-round feeling of confidence.
All compensating aids can be worn directly on the skin or in Anita care bras with pockets on both sides.

Here you can see a selection of prosthesis meant for partial compensation.

For professional advice, please contact your nearest medical store. Our store locator will help you with the search.

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1046X Sequitex

  • For compensation of tissue defects all over the breast

  • Soft, thin edges ensure smooth transition to the body

1046XV Sequitex Vario

  • Silicone compensation breast form with adhesive pads

  • Soft and thin edges for smooth body transition

1057X Equitex

  • Silicone shell with thin edgings

  • Variable medical fleece filling 

  •  Allows for filling up to the size of an ultra light weight breast