Lingerie - stylish and comfortable

Twin Underwire Bra

This is one of our best-sellers world-wide! Double-layered, molded cups made of silky-soft microfiber and a comfortable shaping under-wire to ensure maximum comfort and support.

Malia Underwire Bra

This gorgeous under-wire bra with seamless, printed cups and narrow straps gives you the right support with a sleek and sexy look. This bra is enhanced with a beautiful SWAROVSKI crystal in the front.

Vienna Underwire Bra

This is our fashionable under-wire bra from the Vienna range. Characterized by its elegant delicate embroidery. The C-shape under-wires in the three-section cups provide additional support.

5 Rules for the Right Fit

1. The under-bust band lies tight on your body without digging into your skin

2. The under-bust band is at the same height in the front and on your back

3. The under-wire lies under the breast and supports the breast 

4. The breast fills out the cup, without spilling in the front or on the sides 

5.The straps fit nicely without cutting into the skin nor falling off the shoulder 

How the name "Rosa Faia" came about

Owner Georg Weber-Unger tells us the backstory to the name Rosa Faia. "It was chosen rather at random about 30 years ago. I was on vacation with my family in Albufeira in the Algarve, where we were renting a lovely house. I spoke to my father about starting up a new, stylish lingerie brand and he said we would need an appropriate brand name.

I picked up the phone book and began flicking through, looking for something that would fit. That is when I happened to come across the name "Rosa Faia". The sequence of vowels instantly appealed to us and the new brand was born!"

  • Outstanding comfort
  • Modern and fashionable 
  • Cup sizes A-J