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The best fitting bra for you.

Pure elegance designed for fit and comfort

Discover our comfort bra line that provides relief and excellent support.  Our products are designed for the ultimate wear experience.

  • Highest comfort and outstanding fit through to large sizes
  • Wide, padded comfort straps prevent from shoulder and neck discomfort
  • Wider and stronger back offers relief 
  • Strong support and beautiful bust shaping thanks to perfectly tailored cups 

What is a comfort bra?

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Why a well-fitting bra is vital for your health!

Many women do not realize that a badly fitting bra can result in aches, pains and illness. Wearing unsuitable bras for prolonged amounts of time can lead to shoulder and arm complaints, headache, cervical spine problems and even back pain in the lower sections of the spine.

Dr Hans-Ulrich Krüger, senior physician at a large rehabilitation center, believes that an ideal bra has to have the following features:

"The straps should be wide and padded and the underbust band anatomically shaped, elastic and flexible. This allows the resulting stresses to be ideally distributed or diverted and ensures that the musculoskeletal system and other tissue structures are relieved and not irritated.

The bra should also feel good on the skin and be completely free of textile contaminants."

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