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Maternity & Nursing Bras 


Comfy Support For Mothers To Be

Lingerie that provides great fit and function for expecting and nursing moms. 

Being pregnant is a joyful time, with plenty of surprises along the way and you need a bra that can withstand the ups and downs that will follow the next 9 months of pregnancy and beyond.

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With-growing Maternity Bras 
 Functional underwear which supports the growing breast and provides pleasant relief.


Functional Nursing Bras
The functional cups can be easily opened and closed with one hand.




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Microfibre Underwire Nursing Bra
One of our bestsellers! The underwire nursing bra up to cup size I.


Underwire Nursing Bra
A nursing bra can be both practical and also very fashionable.


Fleur Underwire Nursing Bra
With its soft floral lace this is a nursing bra you don't see every day! 


Miss Rose Underwire Nursing Bra
Nursing Bra MISS ROSE is our cute yet sexy nursing bra. Up to cup size G. 


Miss Anita Nursing Bra Spacer Cup
The new triangular nursing bra with  spacer cup relaxes and relieves.


Microfibre Wireless Nursing Bra
The Nursing Bra provides perfect support and comfort up to cup size H.


Feel-Good Bra

Seamless Pregnancy Bustier

Maternity underwear can also be different! It can be both cheeky and romantic at the same time.The SEAMLESS maternity bustier with its soft fabric is perfectly designed for expansion. Gathered in the middle of the bustier, it gently and softly moulds to the breast that can grow comfortably.



Microfibre BabyBelt

Softly tailored BABY BELT made of air-permeable microfibre fabric. Effective prevention of back pain, especially in the final weeks of pregnancy.
Thanks to integrated felxible strech zones sitting down is not a problem since the belt adabt to your movements.


Anita Maternity

Lingerie and Swimwear that provides great fit and functionality for expecting and nursing moms.

Maternity Lingerie 

Our bras are made so they can adjust to the growing breast while providing support and comfort.

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All about Nursing Bras!

During nursing your breast  larger. It is important that your breast get that extra support they need.

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Are you looking for a Maternity Bra or a Nursing or specific features? We have it all!

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Maternity and Nursing Bras

With a new baby on the way – your breast change! Your breasts are about to take on a life of their own, changing in size, shape, support, structure – you name it. What they are now, they likely won’t be for much longer, but it isn’t bad news!

Being pregnant is a joyful time, with plenty of surprises along the way and you need a bra that can withstand the ups and downs that will follow the next 9 months of pregnancy and beyond.

One day, you’ll love your breasts and the other, you’ll loathe them, but having some good maternity bras to help you battle the new shape, size and weight will definitely help.

The first thing you need to know is the differences between maternity bras and nursing bras. While both of them are designed with pregnant ladies and new moms in mind, each style serves a distinctive purpose.

 Maternity bras are designed to provide extra comfort and shape during pregnancy and can also be worn after the baby has arrived. Maternity bras are often designed with stretchy fabric, additional hook-n-eyes and adjustable straps to accommodate the changes your breasts will endeavor during and after pregnancy.  

 Nursing bras are designed with cups that can be opened or lowered, or straps that can be undone to reveal the breast to make breastfeeding easier. If you’ve ever tried to pull your breast out of a regular bra without taking it off, you know the struggle is real. Nursing bras come in a variety of styles to ensure you find one that suits your needs. So whether you want to unhook, unsnap, unzip your bra, convenient feedings are about to be revealed. No pun intended.  

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