Maternity lingerie for expectant mothers

From light to maximum

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  • Seamless cups that grow with your bust 
  • Wide and soft adjustable straps
  • Optimal support 

Why wear a maternity bra?

... because you can prevent stretchmarks from forming on the breast.

During the first few months of pregnancy there is nothing to stop you from wearing your normal bras. Then from the third month, you will not only need a larger size, but also a more flexible design.

The Anita maternity bras offer the best comfort. Our bras expand along with the growing breast and provide support so that your skin retains its elasticity and the breast its attractive shape.

100% tummy support, 0% back pain

Support and relief where you need it. The Anita maternity support belt relieves strain on the back and supports your tummy, alleviating back pain and promoting subsequent re-shaping after the birth.

Scientific research has revealed that you can reduce back and pelvic pain considerably with an Anita support belt.

Clinical testing of the Anita® support principle
(University Hospital of Frankfurt/Main):

All the pregnant women in the study complained of backache, 96% of a feeling of pressure and tension in the abdominal and pelvic regions, while 60% had aching pains in the pelvic area.

Wearing a support aid based on the Anita® support principle produced these results:

back pain was alleviated in 82% of women, the feeling of pressure and tension in the abdominal and pelvic regions was reduced in 93% of women and aching pain in the pelvis was reduced in 93% of women.