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Nursing Bras and Lingerie

Breastfeeding Bras and Lingerie


High Functional Nursing Bras

The cups of our Breastfeeding Bras can be easily opened and closed with one hand, providing your baby a simple and quick access to your when feeding.

Soft straps and  comfy materials provide maximum wearing comfort. Our nursing bras support the sensitive bust and are available up to cup size J. 

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Miss Anita Nursing Bra Spacer Cup
Airy and light. The triangular nursing bra with integrated spacer cup relaxes, relieves and cuts a fine figure.


Miss Rose Underwired Nursing Bra
This Nursing Bra is our cute yet sexy nursing bra. With its sheer floral design it is the perfect bra for a new mother.




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Miss Rose Underwire Nursing Bra
Nursing Bra MISS ROSE is our cute yet sexy nursing bra. Up to cup size G. 


Miss Anita Nursing Bra Spacer Cup
The new triangular nursing bra with  spacer cup relaxes and relieves.


Microfibre Wireless Nursing Bra
The Nursing Bra provides perfect support and comfort up to cup size H.


Microfibre Underwire Nursing Bra
One of our bestsellers! The underwire nursing bra up to cup size I.


Underwire Nursing Bra
A nursing bra can be both practical and also very fashionable.


Fleur Underwire Nursing Bra
With its soft floral lace this is a nursing bra you don't see every day! 


Why do you need a nursing bra?

During nursing your breast fills with milk and becomes heavier and larger than normal. So when that happens your breasts need extra support otherwise it and can lead to back pain .

A good nursing bra are designed different and it does what a normal bra during nursing can’t . Nursing bras has many functions from its ability to support your breast perfectly it is also incredibly functional and practical . The Cup can be easily opened and closed with one hand, providing your baby a simple and quick access to your when feeding.

If you are on the go, a nursing bra is the perfect solution because it gives you plenty of freedom of movement and can be easily worn with anything.


The features of an Anita Nursing Bra

Discover the secret of comfort and perfect fit.

  • Comfortable straps which are wider in the large sizes to relieve strain on the shoulders
  • Soft, concealing cup - nursing pads do not show through
  • The stretch frame keeps the breast in place even when the cup is open
  • Stretch, adjustable straps, attached with a nursing band so that do not slip up during breastfeeding
  • Nickel-free adjusters to prevent skin irritation        
  • Soft lining, flat and turned seams                                                  
  • Extra-wide opening for convenient breastfeeding
  • Nusing clip, easily opened with one hand                       
  • Multi-position fastener also ensures a perfect fit when you lose weight during breastfeeding



The slimming pants

You easily shed the pounds during breastfeeding. The rebelt panty takes care of the rest. This postnatal panty girdle helps your tummy regain its shape and gently forms your figure after giving birth.

It also provides support after a Caesarian section Besides wearing the panty girdle, taking regular post natal fitness classes will also help you get back into shape. You'll have your old figure back in no time!