It is All About the Right Sport Bra!

A lot of women don't know the importance of having the right Sports Bra. They use a Sports Bra and think “It doesn’t have to fit that perfect, I’m not wearing it all day.”

Well a strong and ideal support while doing sports is extremely important for woman’s breast, since they are made up of glands and fatty tissues that is held tight by tendons. Doing sports, such as jogging, cases a lot of strain on a woman’s breasts.  On average they will move three and a half inches up and down per step. A perfect fitting Sport Bra will reduce this movement by 78% and will help the breast tissue stay tight. 

Our Anita Sports Bras can be adjusted by the straps as well as in the back and they run in cup sizes, for the best fit. The Anita Sports Bras have cup sizes that run from A through H; this wide range allows every woman the opportunity to find the right Bra for her.

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Why Should I Wear a Sports Bra?

In addition to comfortable sneakers and fashionable active wear, you should always wear a well-fitting sports bra. Exercising sets the breasts in motion, however, nature did not design our chest for these extreme movements. To avoid pain and overstretching the sensitive connective tissue, you should always wear a special sports bra during exercise. During sports such as jogging your breasts are exposed to extreme strains:  your bust moves up and down about 3,5 inches per step. These undesired movements are reduced by wearing a well fitting sports bra. We have the ideal sport bras in modern designs for any activity, perfectly tailored to the needs of the female body.

Momentum will take you there!

No matter if you enjoy yoga, jogging, or going to the gym, this sports bra will give you the support you need. Our Momentum 5529 is available from small to large cup sizes,  the perfect fit every woman.

Our lightest Sports Bra ever!

It feels like you are wearing nothing but provides excellent support for every type of sport. The 5533 Air Control is a must have Sports Bra for every active woman!

Be dynamic with the dynamiXstar!

Our dynamiX sports bra features a racer back design that has an open-wide X back and straps.  This provides extra support which relieves the pressure form . A dynamic power pack!

Meet Christina Hammer, Four time World Champion and Anita Brand Ambassador!

She is a four-time world champion, who started boxing at the tender age of 15. At 16 she won the German junior championships and went professional soon  afterwards. In 2010, she became the youngest WBO world champion. "Fashion and function is very important when I go to the gym and I always wear Anita Active. It’s strong and sexy looking and it protects me while I’m boxing,” commented Hammer. “The care and attention Anita devotes to its products really shows their impeccable design and detail. Anita and I make a great team.”

  • Optimal Support
  • Outstanding Fit
  • Cup Sizes  A - H
  • Breathable Fabrics