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Sport Bras for Large Cup Sizes

Maximum Support for Fuller Busts

Sports Bras for curvy Women

Why our Sport Bras are unique?

Our high quality, comfort and support are part of a few of the great things we’re known for. Our well designed and functional bras have won many international prizes.

For a bra to fit right is always one of the first and most critical steps when choosing a bra. This is why our big sized sports bras have additional hooks that can be adjusted to the right size for you.

Of course we are not forgetting about the straps, our sports bras for bigger cup sizes also offer thicker upholstered strap for a better and more comfortable support.

This allows you to partake in intense activities without getting an ache after. Save your shoulders, neck and back from that misery. Anita sports bras let’s you kill your work out without killing your back!




Big Cup Sports Bras



momentum Sports Bra
Our bestseller sports bra. The unique functionality in combination with a modern design has been awarded.


air control DeltaPad Sports Bra
Our first ever padded sports bra! Sexy look with maximum support and keeping your skin dry & cool.


extreme control Sports Bra
The high impact sports bra that knows no compromise. Our extreme control sports bra ensures maximum support.




Why wear an Anita Sports Bra?

All Sports Bras by Anita active are equipped with adjustable straps makes it easy for a comfortable fit.

The support of our sports bras are ergonomically designed so that no matter the type of sports activity the shoulders and neck will be comfortable.

Sports bras for intense work outs are additionally padded for optimum support and our bras have an extended range of large cup sizes that doesn’t compromise comfort and fit.

Particularly important is the right fit of the sports bras. Our sports bras are known worldwide for excellent fit. What sets us apart is our quality and superior support. In the field of design and function, Anita sports bras have won numerous design awards.

Supportive and Comfortable

Ladies of large breasts sizes can have great workouts without feeling sore in the wrong places!  Best of all you only need one Anita Sports Bra.

While it’s easy to think that any bra will do, sports and non – especially for the large breasted when working up a sweat and toning that body, this is actually where so many people go wrong. Athletic sport bras are more than just a highly fashionable item to wear to your next yoga or Zumba class, and it can be hard justifying dishing out high dollars for something you’re going to get all sweaty.

However, once you know exactly what your athletic bra is supposed to be doing for you, you’ll certainly want an engineered, supportive and comfortable style from the Anita Collection