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The Right Sport Bra

Your Sports Bra for any Activity

Your workout impact level

Think about your impact level, this is important because you want to know how much support you will need while doing a certain activity.

Anita sports bras are labeled low, medium or high impact support making it easy for you to choose the best sports bra for you.

Choose the right sports bra

Which activities do you prefer?

  • Walking, Yoga, Pilates, Golfing, hiking, gym workouts etc.

    You need a Firm Support Sports Bra

  • running,  aerobics, mountain biking, jumping etc.

    You need a Maximum Support Sports Bra



High Impact Sports Bras



DynamiX star Racerback Sports Bra
Our DynamiX sports bra, features a racer back design with wide X back straps for extra support. 


air control DeltaPad Sports Bra
Our first ever padded sports bra! Sexy look with maximum support and keeping your skin dry & cool.


extreme control Sports Bra
The high impact sports bra that knows no compromise. Our extreme control sports bra ensures maximum support.


What special features do I prefer?

This is also a question that relates to your breast size.

Racer back, wide straps, padded straps, there are so many to choose from. Racer back are great because they cinch in back, the straps anchor the bra closer to the body, providing more support.

Wide straps are shoulder straps that help distribute the weight better than T-backs, this is good for bigger cups and are more likely to be adjustable and padded. Around the bottom is the foundation of a bra. It provides much of a bra's support.

Wide bands are more supportive than narrow bands. Some might not want to admit that they sweat a lot but it is important to know that certain fabrics move moisture away from the skin and keep you comfortable and cool.

This will allow you to have an even better workout.

Comfort and Fit - Sports Bras to love!

Our range of sports bras stretches from models offering light to maximum support.

  • Our maximum support bras are fantastic for women with large cup sizes or weak connective tissue, designed for those who practice high impact sports.
  • Are you a fan of jazz dance or aerobics? Or do you prefer martial arts, running skiing or cross-fit? Your bust needs a higher level of support for these medium to high intensity sports and our active bras do the job no matter the intensity.
  • For less intensive sports such as hiking, walking, yoga or golfing, we have sports bras with light support as well.

Stylish, highly functional and comfortable and field tested

Before we sell any bra, we can have up to 100 women first test them for fit, comfort and functionality. Because we are so passionate about design and testing we know that you will have the best experience with unsurpassed comfort and fit.

All Anita products are developed in Germany and produced in our own factories. Our sports bras are available from A to H cup for a range.



The special features of an Anita active sports bra

Find out the secret of perfect support and performance.