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Cup Sized Swimwear for Sizes A through I!

Bikini Trend, Mix & Match!

Create the right Bikini for you by mix and matching your favorite colors and styles.

Mix & Match

Swimwear for Fuller Busts

Cup sized Swimwear in Cup sizes A through I! Swimwear that is supportive and comfortable!


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Have fun in the sun with our versatile Swimwear Collection. Perfect for every woman.

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The Tankini, A Favorite

Why a Favorite? Lear more about our beautiful, comfortable & slimming Tankinis.


The One Piece

Cup sized Sports Bras for a fuller that provide the support you need for a great work out.


Stay Active with our Swim!

The perfect swimwear for an active day under the sun from the Rosa Faia Sea Gym Collection.


Mix and Match

Who isn't a fan of mix and match! With our Mix and Match products you can switch up your look to your heart's content!

Bright, wild, ever new and different! Pretty much anything is allowed when you mix it up. 

We have all sorts of different tops, push-up bikinis, under-wire bikinis, colorful ones, black ones, there is something for everyone.

And just like there is a great variety on bikini tops there is the same amount of bottoms; bikini briefs, high-rise bikinis, cheeky bikini bottoms, stripes, dotted, in color or black and white. There is so much you can choose from, mix and match yourself the perfect bikini this summer!

Rosa Faia

Contemporary and seductive swimwear with full cup and ban support ranging from sizes A through J.

Anita Comfort

Swimwear that provides outstanding fit, with total support and great comfort in sizes.

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