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Trendy two-pieces for cups A-I



Whether young and cheeky, elegant, modern or extravagant, we have the right Beachwear for every taste and body shape.

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Mix & Match Bikini
 The underwire bikini Henny has a colorful striped look inspired by the 1950s! This comfortable Mix & Match item with adjustable straps is an eye-catcher at the beach and looks wonderfully summery.




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Choose your favorite bikini style and color.


Blue Violet
Mix & Match Color

Pink Star
Mix & Match Color


Mix & Match

Who isn't a fan: mix and match to your heart's content!

Pretty much anything is allowed. To give you a helping hand, we put together a neat guideline.

Mix & Match DOs

  • Any top and bottom style can be mixed together, e.g.  bandeau tops with hipster bottoms, balconette tops with tie bottoms
  • All unicolours, irrelevant of shade and intensity, can be combined, e.g. pink and petrol, black and blue, red and purple, etc.
  • Mixing patterns?! Not a problem, just make sure the colours go together and are more or less  be found in both patterns. e.g. spots with stripes, stars with flowers

Mix & Match DON'Ts

  • Prevent from mixing unicolour with a print if the unicolour cannot be found in the printed pattern, e.g. a neon Hawaii print with black
  • Resist from mixing completely different materials with each other, e.g. neoprene with a silky glossy fabric
  • Don't mix two identically sized patterns together!