Red Dot Award 2014

Red Dot Award

product design

With the prestigious design award "red dot" the Anita active sports bra dynamiXstar wins a world-renowned quality seal. With more than 17,000 submissions a year, the red dot design award is one of the internationally most  recognized design competitions in the world.

Red Dot Award: product design

The expert jury evaluates the products according to their innovations, functionalities and ecological compatibility as well as on formal quality, ergonomics and longevity. Within the red dot award category: product design the Anita active sports bra dynamiX star impressed with its innovative highlights.

Easy On & Off Design

The Anita active, front-adjustable strap system with easy "Easy On & Off" features allows easy dressing and undressing.

The straps, which run backwards into a generous X, allow for a wide opening and ensure  comfortable handling.The padded straps of this sports bra are located further from the neck than at conventional sports bras. This guarantees a high wearing comfort and reduces the weight for the shoulders. 

Anita Sweat Management

The Anita active sports bra is made of  breathable  materials - for an active "sweat management" enhancing  a pleasant body climate.

The dynamiX star reduces about 70 percent of breast movement and ensures maximum support even in the case of  high impact sports.

Sporty-dynamic Design

In addition to these unique functions, the Anita active sports bra is also a visual winner: with its sporty and dynamic design in two contrasting colors.

"The sports bra is characterized by its ergonomical fit and the two dynamically contrasting colors, as well as through its high level of wearing comfort," says the expert jury of the red dot design award 2014.