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Anita since 1886 the perfect choice for curvy women.

Anita active

...Sports bras have athletic women thrilled with their beautiful styles and, most importantly, with their great functionality.

Anita care

...offers perfectly customised breast prostheses, specialist bras and prosthesis swimwear.

Anita maternity

...covers the needs of new mothers during pregnancy, nursing and recovery.

Shapewear and swimwear with a perfect fit

We combine a perfect fit with a gorgeous look and outstanding quality.

Our products are designed, developed and produced with the very best materials and based on the very latest findings. 


Lingerie is not just the very first garment a woman chooses in the morning – it is also the part of her outfit that will be in direct contact with her skin all day long. That is why it is incredibly important for the bra, body or briefs to fit perfectly, and that the garment moulds itself to the curves of her figure. 

All our product lines are designed with women and their unique figures and requirements in mind. 

The Anita since 1886 range offers classic, yet modern soft bras and bodies that use super comfortable and functional materials to highlight the female form to perfection. Some models come with extra-wide and padded straps to relieve strain on the neck and shoulder area and to prevent back pain and spasms. Figure-shaping bodies and shaping bottoms are an excellent choice for women, who wish to hide small problem areas around the tummy, hips and bottom.

Our highly functional sports bras by Anita active are real motivation boosters. Every athletic or sporty woman will love them. The various models offer the right function for the requirements of their wearers, depending on the type and intensity of the sport.

There are some sports bras in our range with modesty cup, crossed straps, underwire or extra-lightweight fabrics. They offer perfect support for any sport, right up to cup H.


Our Anita care range offers a very special selection of post surgery bras, breast prostheses and swimwear. We are continuously developing innovative, highly functional breast care products in close collaboration with medical retailers and affected women to help their recovery after a mastectomy.

Our mastectomy bras and swimwear come with integrated prosthesis pockets and a very special cut to cover any scars or hints of the prosthesis. Anita specialist bras are available in a multitude of designs so that every woman can feel comfortable, confident and feminine.

Anita maternity covers all your underwear needs for that most wonderful time of your life: pregnancy and nursing. Not just your belly changes during pregnancy. Your breasts will grow alongside your tummy. Our product line offers absolutely beautiful pregnancy lingerie and nursing bras that are perfect in function and look gorgeous.

The most important aspects of all our shapewear and swimwear models are always function, comfort and a trendy, modern look.

Anita since 1886

What's so special about Anita since 1886

Anita since 1886 lingerie attractively highlights a big bust and draws the eye to the female silhouette, while cleverly hiding little problem areas.

Paired with highly functional materials and a premium finish, this lingerie guarantees excellent comfort and a perfect fit.

Havanna series

trendy - luxurious - feminine

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Glamorous. With lots of details. Figure-flattering.

The new beachwear collection by Anita shines with fanciful designs and surprising details!


It’s got it all - from fresh, young designs like multi-coloured floral prints or nautical stripes combined with trendy dots, expressive animal prints and ethno patterns, all the way to elegant classics in black and white with retro charm.




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