Sports bras with big cup sizes 

Highly functional sports bras up to cup size H

It is important that your sports bra fits well and provides good support, especially for larger busts. Anita active sports bras are available for underbust measurements starting at just 65 cm.

Superior fit, high functionality and unsurpassed Anita Sweat Management ensure a perfect and comfortable fit for any type of sport.

The highest demands on our products

Comfort - fit - long-term

"Getting it right - and especially for larger sizes - is our biggest challenge. The materials and designs must work together perfectly and the result must also look attractive. Design and function need to be perfectly in tune.”

Katrin, Design & Product Development Anita active

A well-fitting sports bra is a must for women with a larger bust

How much does a breast weigh? For cup sizes above A, B, and C , a weight of 2-3 kg per breast isn't uncommon. That means there are 4-6 kg bouncing around on your chest while you are jogging - and that can't be good for your breast tissue! That - of course - means that a good sports bra is absolutely essential - especially for busty women .

Anita active offers sports bras right up to an H cup and with underbusts starting from 65 cm.

4 reasons why you need a sports bra

  1. Depending on how fast you jog, your breasts can bounce up to 84 times per minute and can move by up to 9 cm up and down with each step. Your breast tissue will thank you for the support.
  2. A well fitting bra can reduceback and neck pain 
  3. Good-bye “fiddling”! A good sports bra means you can be confident that everything stays exactly where it is supposed to be.
  4. Motivational kick: The new trendy colours and designs will get you excited for working out.

Tips for buying a sports bra

  • Choose the right level of support for your sport. Sports bras for bigger sizes are generally in the ‘maximum support‘ category, since a big bust will naturally need more support than a small cup.
  • Always try a bra on before you buy it. Different brands may vary in terms of size and fit, plus a particular material or style may mean that you need a different size than for your T-shirt bra.
  • Don't be shy about moving around in the changing room. Your bra should offer the kind of support you need - whatever sport you do. Jumping, turning, jogging on the spot or going into a face-down yoga position -  do exactly what you would do when you exercise.



Sports bras are on trend

On its own or under a low-cut shirt: Sports bras in pretty colours or with bold patterns are right on trend!


You can wear it off the treadmill as well! For example under a cool parka or a trendy bomber jacket. The sports bra has earned street cred and transforms any outfit into a sporty-chic streetstyle - whatever your bust size may be.



Is there any benefit to wearing a regular bra under a sports bra?

Many women with a large bust wear a regular T-shirt bra under their sports bra. They feel that "two is better than one". But is that really a good idea for your breast?


Wearing a regular bra during exercise: No Go!  

A regular bra is not suitable for sports, because it doesn't offer the necessary support and is not designed for taking on too much activity. These straps would cut into the shoulders during intensive workouts and the underwire, seams or decorative extras could cause uncomfortable pressure points.

High-quality sports bras are made of materials that wick away sweat. A regular bra worn under a sports bra would block that function and absorb the moisture instead of transporting it away from the skin.

But why would busty women even think of wearing two bras for workouts?


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