Pregnancy, breastfeeding & recovery

Anita maternity provides you with high-quality underwear at every stage of pregnancy, breastfeeding and recovery.

High-quality nursing and maternity fashion

Anita maternity is there with you at every stage - during pregnancy, breastfeeding and recovery.

Comfortable maternity bras and Baby Belts give your breasts and belly plenty of room to grow. Practical nursing bras in modern designs and styles make breastfeeding uncomplicated and comfortable. Our popular ReBelt Panty effectively promotes the recovery of the belly and hips after birth.


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A new life is growing...

... a little more every day, for nine months. Gradually, your stomach and breasts begin to grow larger.

Phase 1 - Pregnancy

At the latest when nothing else really fits (3rd - 4th month of pregnancy), then it's time to start thinking about finding the right maternity underwear.

The ideal underwear offers excellent comfort and makes you feel good in every way. The underwear should grow with your body during pregnancy and provide the necessary support.

Phase 2 - Breastfeeding

After birth, your breasts grow in size again. At the earliest, you should start thinking about purchasing a nursing bra during the 8th month of pregnancy.  

After the birth, your breasts are heavier than usual. That's why they need more support to stay in shape. A nursing bra should be easy to open and close with one hand, and your breast should be well supported while the cup is open.      

Phase 3 - Recovery

Do you want to lose that baby weight as quickly as possible after pregnancy? In addition to regular recovery exercises, one of the simplest options is:  Shapewear!

This will hide the baby weight and support the recovery of your stomach. Shapewear for new mothers gently and holistically shapes and smooths your curves.        


"Maternity underwear by women for women"

Design, development and production from a single source.

Our goal is to create products that help women to enjoy life, , feel comfortable and look beautiful every day.

With more than 75% female employees, we know what a woman's assets are, we understand the changes our bodies go through during pregnancy, and we understand those areas that women feel insecure about. And we know how best to support, conceal or emphasise your body, to make you feel great.

In the 1960s, Dr Christine Weber-Unger, mother of our current owner Georg Weber-Unger, laid the foundations for our maternity range.

Since then, our designers have been working with great passion and attention to detail on new designs, new cuts and new styles that will make pregnancy and breastfeeding truly special for every woman.

Using high-quality and skin-friendly materials, we take great care in the design and creation of our maternity and nursing bras, as well as maternity briefs, Baby Belts, swimwear and recovery briefs with the best comfort.


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