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A well-fitting sports bra s not just a must-have for athletes - the new athleisure look has taken over and sports bras have become super popular for everyday outfits.

Top quality materials, optimal fit and superb manufacturing ensure a comfortable body climate and ideal support - even up to larger cup sizes.

Anita active sports bras are always a great choice in terms of design and function. Choose from Firm Support or Maximum Support, depending on your sport.



Sports bras with maximum support


The sports bra you need


The sports bra takes over our everyday life 

The sports bra looks glamorous worn under transparent blouses or on its own as a sexy crop top.


Sports bras look boring and old fashioned? Those days are long gone! These special bras are no longer just for sports and exercise. Their countless great cuts and vibrant colours make them a highlight in the world of fashion.


These incredibly comfortable sporty favourites are not just for jogging, tennis or fitness - they are also perfect to wear to the office, on trips into town, or even just at home on the couch.


Interesting facts about sports bras

Questions and answers about functional underwear for your sports outfit


Why should you wear a sports bra?

Healthy nutrition is important when you lead an athletic and sporty lifestyle, but even the right sports outfit plays an important role.

Is it unhealthy to exercise without a bra?

In simple terms: Yes. It is not only important for women with large breasts to wear a special bra for intense sports. Women with smaller busts, from an A cup and over, also need special support to avoid tissue damage. The breast itself does not consist of muscle tissue, but of sensitive glandular tissue, fatty tissue, and connective tissue. This sensitive tissue may suffer long-term damage when put under intense strain. A good example of the kind of strain we are talking about is jogging. 

Without a sports bra, the breast tissue could lose its elasticity or suffer tearing in places. The result: Stretch marks and sagging breasts. Anita active offers functional sports bras with Firm and Maximum Support in a variety of trendy cuts & colours.

The fit says it all

Stretching, running, jumping - actions that aren't necessarily part of everyday life. A sports bra's most important job is to always stay where it is supposed to be and not to slip out of place when you move. 

An exercise bra should have a firm fit, but shouldn’t be restrictive. Make sure that the  bra straps, cups and underbust band do not dig in or sit too loosely.

A sports bra should also not be cut too low, otherwise it will not be able to absorb the movement of the breasts. 

What is the benefit of a sports bra?

The special bras by Anita active will not only round off your sports outfit, but will also provide medium to strong support, depending on the support level you choose. They minimize chest bouncing, nicely shape the breasts and keep the delicate breast tissue supported, but not restricted. Our sports bras are designed and manufactured with quality mesh, fabrics and details. Special cuts fit the body perfectly and prevent friction.  

Your skin will stay pleasantly dry thanks to the exclusive Anita active Sweat Management, even when your workouts start heating up. 

Small or large breasts - which sports bra should I choose?

It doesn't matter how old you are or what cup size you wear - your breast needs support. Everyone's bust is different in terms of shape, elasticity and size, which means that a sports bra must be chosen individually for the job it is supposed to do.

The level of support your bra needs to offer depends completely on the intensity of your activity. A Firm Support bra with medium support will generally suffice for medium intensity activities like toga or Pilates. Choose a Maximum Support bra for more intensive workouts, whatever your bra size.

Larger cup sizes need special support

Anita active bras are super comfortable, always fit perfectly and offer excellent support - and on top of that, they come in a whole range of modern designs and colours. A big bust puts a lot of strain on the neck and shoulders when working out, which is why our Big Cup active bras have wider, padded straps and double layered cups.

Sports bras for smaller bust sizes

Smaller breasts still need good support during exercise to stay in shape.

The Air Control DeltaPad doesn't just offer great support up to an H cup: The lightweight DeltaPad moulded cup also has a sexy push-up effect and creates a beautiful silhouette to everything from an AA cup.

What makes a good sports bra?

If you are a sports enthusiast or would like to become one, a sports bra is always a smart investment. 
We will show you what makes our sportswear so special.

A sports bra should be snug, but not uncomfortably tight

The underbust band fits more firmly than a regular bra, it is elastic and fits snugly around your torso. Our styles have a comfortable fit that creates a slight push-up effect, so you look both sporty and sexy at the same time.

A higher neckline keeps the breasts in shape

The neckline of a high-quality sports bra is cut higher than that of a normal bra. A good active bra keeps the upper chest close to the body, but without constricting. This gives you extra support in the chest area during your workout.

Extra comfort for carefree workouts

Our bras have minimal, soft seams that lay flat against the skin. This prevents any skin irritation, even in high-impact sports, so that you can feel comfortable whenever you wear our sports bras.

Breathable fabric 

Our sports bras are breathable and ensure a comfortable skin climate during and after your workouts. Many styles also feature ‘Anita Sweat Management’. This ensures that sweat is absorbed and transported away from the body.

Special straps relieve the neck & shoulders

The bra straps have a significant impact on comfort during training. On a sports bra, they should be wider and comfortably padded. At Anita active, they are also positioned further away from the neck to prevent tension or neck pain.

Firm cups for secure support

It is important to use high-quality,  so-called 'short-stretch materials' for sports bras to prevent excessive strain on the delicate breast tissue. Only then will the cup have the firmness it needs to withstand high-impact stress.

Buying a sports bras

Your sport of choice will determine the level of movement intensity. 

The strain on your breast would obviously be much higher in - for example - jogging or horse riding, than in Pilates or yoga. Make sure that your bra has the right level of support.

What are the key points to remember when buying a bra?

Most of the bra's support comes from its cups, which are held up by the underbust band. Make sure the underbust band isn't too tight, but still offers a firm enough support for your breasts. Only then will the strain on your breast tissue be correctly relieved.

The straps of our sports bras are adjustable and can be individually adapted to your body.

You should make sure that the straps do not slip off the shoulders, or dig in.

Our tip - Test your style of choice before you buy!

Jump up and down in front of the mirror, move your arms up and down. If the sports bra is sitting correctly, then it shouldn't move when you do. Now check your reflection: In profile, the nipple should ideally sit halfway between the elbow and shoulder.

How do I care for the sports bra?

Any sports bra can be machine-washed in the gentle cycle at up to 40°C . Ideally, bras should be washed inside a lingerie bag with their hooks fastened.

In order to keep your bra in good condition for as long as possible, you should avoid fabric softeners, dry cleaning, tumble dryers and irons.

Why is a sports bra so important?

In addition to comfortable shoes and fashionable sportswear, a well-fitting and reliable sports bra is an important consideration. 

Breasts are constantly in motion during sports – unfortunately, nature didn't plan for that. That's why you need a special bra to prevent pain and avoid over-stretching of the delicate breast tissue.

During sports such as jogging or horse riding, your chest can bounce up and down by around nine centimetres with every step.

These unwanted movements are greatly reduced by wearing a perfectly fitting sports bra.

We have modern bras to suit every kind of exercise intensity, perfectly tailored to the needs of the female body.

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