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World Boxing Champion Christina 'Lady' Hammer

Dear Supporters,

My passion is boxing and I give everything for my sport. In the ring, out running or for strength training: a perfectly fitting sports bra that gives you the support you need, without being restrictive is absolutely essential.

I found the right support in Anita Active. The sports bra sits barely noticeable on the skin, yet still offers high backing. There is no slipping whatsoever, especially during boxing matches.   

As a brand ambassador I am convinced: Sports bras from Anita active are simply UNBEATABLE.


Truly Yours, Christina

Super‐Fight Against two-time Olympic Champion Claressa Shields

"I'll be back!" - in the Super-Fight against two times Olympic Champion Claressa Shields Christina Hammer had to suffer her first defeat

Christina Hammer won 24 professional boxing fights in a row - against Claressa Shields she had to admit defeat. Last Saturday the undefeated Middleweight World Champion fought against two-time Olympic Champion Claressa Shields in Atlantic City for the title of "Undisputet Championess", the undisputed world champion of all important world federations. "Claressa was stronger than me this time - and deserved to win." Christina pays tribute to her opponent.

"Of course, I'm madly disappointed and not satisfied with my performance. I didn't find my way into the fight and couldn't play to my strengths." After 10 exciting laps, the two boxers fought a big fight, which Claressa Shields won on points. Christina Hammer couldn't find her rhythm.


"My job now is to process this experience and analyze it in preparation for the rematch."


The Anita active Team USA supported its testimonial on site. "Christina gave her best." Stefanie Metzler, head of marketing at ANITA, emphasizes, "She is a great athlete and a strong woman. Defeats are part of sport". Christina won't let herself be defeated: "I won't let my head hang down. Today was not my evening. But I will come back!


Christina's Favorite Sports Bra

The "Hammer" Among Sports Bras

Inspired by professional boxer Christina “Lady” Hammer

Inspired by the extreme requirements of the boxing ring, the highly functional, dynamic and breathable sports bra momentum pro has been developed to meet the highest of standards.

Together with Christina, the new maximum support bra has been designed with the most important features of our three bestselling sports bras (dynamiX star, air control DeltaPad, momentum).

  • The padded straps , which run together in the back to the X-back , give full freedom of movement in the arm and sit comfortably soft on the shoulders.
  • The innovative shell "DeltaPad" not only gives perfect hold, but also forms a nice décolleté.
  • The pre-formed cups provide maximum support and the high-quality, breathable material provides the unique "Anita Sweat Management" by the sweat is carried to the outside.




Boxing World Champion




Christina Hammer’s Exclusive Interview on her fight against Claressa Shields

What goal have you set for your boxing career? What is your "boxing dream"

My true dream is to be a successful boxer in The States. A victory over Claressa Shields would lead to even more great things to come in America and I have been preparing steadfast in hopes of a great win on April 13th!

Is Claressa Shields your dream opponent?

This fight is definitely the most important of my athletic career. Claressa Shields is a very special opponent. We are very different, but also both have strong personalities and have been known to fight well and fight to win. I have studied Shields’ fighting techniques since her Olympic days and know her weaknesses and what it will take to defeat her.

Are you prepared as a boxer specifically targeted at the respective opponent?

Yes, I prepare for each fight and each opponent individually. My team and I have given specific attention to this upcoming Super Fight vs. Shields. I know Claressa wants to keep her belts, but belts do not necessarily bring experience and experience is where I will have the advantage in the ring.

What's the first thing you treat yourself to after a fight?

Smile ... z. For example, after my last fight in the US, I remember, there was a burger shop around the corner and me and my brother we just ran to the burger shop and ordered 5 cheeseburgers. Terrific! I liked it very much. And in the weeks after the fight, my personal life doesn’t have to take a back seat to my fighting life. I get to go out with my friends and enjoy quality family time, until my next fight prep where I will be 100% committed to securing a victory, although I have always been known to stay hungry in the interim.

What goals will come after the fight against Claressa Schields?

No goals are currently to be mentioned until after I have taken the four belts from Claressa Shields back to my native land of Germany!

Anita Active & Christina "Lady" Hammer