Bestseller Twin


A feel-good bra that you won't want to take off!

Our TWIN has been around for 20 years and is as popular as ever! It is the perfect feel-good bra, which adapts optimally to any shape, so it feels barely noticeable to wear.

The shimmering, soft microfibre makes this bestseller a chic T-shirt bra with a glamorous effect. A favourite piece for daily wear that is a must in every underwear drawer!

Twenty Years of Twin

Women all around the world have loved this unique bra for twenty years. 

Twin is virtually invisible under tight clothes - be it with underwire or as a soft bra - and it feels 'barely there' , while it gently moulds and shapes.
The light sheen of the silky soft, breathable microfibre adds a feeling of glamour.

Twin comes in four luxurious skin tones, as well as anthracite, black and white. From time to time, we add some new trendy colours to mix things up a little. That is how we make sure that this stylishly understated bra continues to be right on trend - even after twenty years!


  • Trendy
  • Perfect shape
  • Uncomplicated





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Twin's recipe for success

What makes this Basic bra so special?

  1. Straps

    The wide straps increase comfort in the shoulder area. They are stretchy and positioned at the centre of the back, so they don't slip off the shoulders.

  2. Material

    The bra is mainly made from silky soft and breathable microfibre. It is super comfortable, soft and supple on the skin, as well as virtually invisible under your clothes.  
  3. Cups

    The cups are double-layered, seamless, moulded and made of elastic microfibre. They are elastic enough to adapt to any breast shape and are super comfortable on the skin. In larger sizes, an invisibly incorporated material ensures excellent hold and gentle support.


With or without underwire, with narrow or wide straps - what will it be?

Our ever popular TWIN is available in a variety of styles to make sure that every woman will find the perfect bra!

Twin Art Edition

We love the Twins

Three series with perfect fitting.

Twin is our absolute classic and has been on the market the longest of all our bra models. Its comfort is unbeatable. The cups are seamless and double-layered and shape themselves perfectly to the bust.

The Twin Art is the bold and cheeky new version of the Twin and features a modern design and trendy colours.

Twin Firm is the stylish "shaper" among our Twin bras. The bra is made with a highly resilient microfibre for gentle shaping and maximum support. It doesn't feel restrictive at all and is just as comfortable as all the other Twin bras.


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