Plus-Size Bras and Panties

Most plus-size women dread the very idea of shopping for plus-size bras and panties. It’s decidedly not a task that fills them with excitement, to be sure–the experience is often fraught with challenges, and they often struggle to find underwear that fits them well and provides the support that they need at the same time. While the fashion industry as a whole is making strides towards inclusivity, finding the perfect fit can still be perplexing.

The key is to navigate through the vast array of options available with a clear understanding of your needs. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the essential dos and don’ts of shopping for plus-size intimate wear so that you’ll have a more comfortable and confident experience:

Do: Prioritize Comfort over Everything

Comfort should be your top priority when shopping for plus-size bras and panties. The last thing you want is to be constantly squirming and adjusting! Our selections here at Anita are made out of materials that are soft, breathable, and stretchable–for more information on each garment, simply click on the links and check the ‘Details’ section.

You may want to keep an eye out that the inside of the cups have a seamless design that can help prevent chafing and irritation, like our JANA – Comfort Cotton Soft Bra, which is made out of cotton piqué fabric, with the back made out of soft, stretchy, and breathable cotton jersey. Remember, the right fit can make a world of difference in how you feel throughout the day!

Don’t: Compromise on Support

Curvy queens with larger bust sizes often struggle with issues like chronic back pain, neck tension, and even spinal problems from being specially endowed. While comfort is crucial, this is why support is equally as important. A well-fitted bra should provide adequate support to your bust, reducing the strain on your shoulders and back.

Bras with wide, padded straps and a sturdy band, like our HAVANNA – Comfort bra with Foam Cup are one of the best choices for plus-size queens like yourself. Don’t shy away from underwire bras if they offer the right support; just ensure that they are correctly sized to avoid discomfort. Some of our recommendations include the TWIN – Underwire Bra or the SELMA – Big Cup with Underwire.

Do: Get Professionally Measured

One of the biggest mistakes that a woman can make when shopping for bras is guessing their size. More often than not, this will lead to inaccurate measurements, which, in turn, will cause you to wear the wrong size bra.

The best thing that you can do before shopping for plus-size bras and panties is to visit a professional lingerie store for a fitting, as your size can vary between brands. This will give you a solid foundation for finding bras that fit perfectly, boosting your confidence and comfort. Alternatively, you can use our online bra size calculator and use the results as a guide.

Don’t: Ignore Changes in Size

Our bodies change over time, and so does our bra size. Factors like weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and aging can affect your bust size. This means that you shouldn’t operate under the impression that your bra size never changes! When your bras start to feel too tight or too loose, it’s a good idea to check your measurements again.

Regularly check your size to ensure you’re wearing bras that provide the best support. Ignoring these changes can lead to discomfort and an ill-fitting wardrobe.

Do: Embrace Your Style

Gone are the days when plus-size lingerie was limited to basic designs. Embrace your style and explore a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. Whether you prefer lacy details or bold prints, there are options that cater to every taste. Celebrate your curves by choosing lingerie that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Here at Anita, we’re committed to offering an extensive selection of plus-size bras and panties that cater to every body. Whether you’re in the mood for something basic or sexy, you can find it in our collection!

Don’t: Overlook Functionality

While style is essential, functionality should not be overlooked. Ensure that your lingerie serves its purpose – providing comfort and support. Beware of intricate designs that may cause discomfort or show through your clothing. Striking a balance between style and functionality will result in a lingerie collection that meets both your aesthetic and practical needs.

Do: Invest in Quality

When it comes to bras and panties, quality matters. Invest in well-constructed pieces made from durable materials, such as the items you will find here in our store. Quality lingerie not only lasts longer but also offers better support and comfort. Consider it an investment in your well-being and confidence.

Shopping for plus-size bras and panties doesn’t have to be daunting. With the dos and don’ts above, you can build a lingerie collection that makes you feel confident and empowered.

Remember, these are guidelines, not strict rules–finding what works best for you is the key to a successful lingerie shopping experience. So, go ahead, explore, and celebrate your unique style and body with lingerie that makes you feel fabulous!

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