A bad bra can bring all kinds of discomfort into your life. It’s not just about the displeasure that it brings to your boobs and support either.  A digging underwire or pulling straps can put a serious damper on your entire mood too, which is why a proper fit and quality bra is the secret to uplifting days – pun intended.

A lot of the times, we make excuses for our bras; blaming our boobs for doing things that they can’t control. Wrong. Boobs shouldn’t be a drag. Again, pun intended. Here are 5 tell tale signs and questions to ask yourself to see if your bra is the problem.

Does your bra stand away from your boobs?

We’ve all experienced this problem. Your bra seems to fit right but if you move a certain way, it puckers out and reveals your goodies to anyone that is lucky enough to be standing near you. Well, the truth is that your bra actually isn’t fitting right. In fact, your bra cup is too big. Opt for one-cup size smaller, and let your breast fill the cup completely – with every move you make.

Do you have the unflattering armpit bulge?

If you answered yes, then your bra is definitely the problem. To be more specific, it could be that the shape of the cup has morphed into something that it shouldn’t be, which causes your boobs to bulge outwards. If your bra is old, get rid of it, and grab a style that has deeper, properly sized cups that can encompass all of that breast tissue.

Does your back bulge over your bra band?

Yet another bra complication we can all relate to is the unflattering back bulge. Often times, we blame our weight but it’s the bra that is the problem. You can decrease the amount of back bulge spewing over your bra band but wearing a properly fitted bra. It should fit snuggly around your body without digging into your skin. Switch to different hooks on the band to make it larger, or opt for a larger band altogether. This will also bring them upward and center, giving you an even more stunning silhouette.

Performance Sports bra, Maximum Support

Do your bra straps dig down into your shoulders?

This bra problem often gets excused with “my boobs are too big,” or “my boobs are too heavy”. While you may very well have large and heavy boobs, this doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable in the meantime. The truth is that the majority of support for your breasts doesn’t – and shouldn’t come from the straps. It should come from the band. So, you may need a smaller or tighter fit. You should be able to easily slide two fingers under the strap. If not, the bra is the problem. When you’re out shopping for a properly fitted style, look for wider straps if you have a large bust. It’ll just contribute to more comfort for what you have deemed as being “too heavy” boobs.

 Does your underwire slide to uncomfortable places?

Underwire bras have gotten a bad rapport for being uncomfortable, but they actually aren’t anything close to that. Now, wearing a poorly fitted underwire bra is a completely different story.  So, if the underwire is sliding down below your breast, your cup size is likely too big, causing it to sit too low on the front. This can also give off a sagging appearance, which no one wants. So, go one-cup size down, and you’ll fall in love with underwire bras all over again.

How a good fitting bra should look like.

Guess what, ladies? Bras don’t have to suck! They should be a pleasant, comfortable and uplifting experience. So ask yourself these five questions and see if your bra is the problem – and if it is, then it’s time to get shopping for some new, sexy and supportive styles!


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