If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your bra, we have a problem. Bras don’t last forever – even if you’re purchasing ones that are made with the best craftsmanship and highest quality. Just think about it; your bra is the hardest working undergarment within your wardrobe. With all that boob sweat and wear and tear, you definitely need to consider the expiration date of your bras – especially your sports bras. Although there won’t be an exact expiration date stamped on your bra, there are some tell tale signs that will tell you everything you need to know about whether it’s time to toss it in the trash.

Take a Number

You probably know how many bras you have in your lingerie drawer. Maybe it’s 3, 7, or 27, but do you know the number of bras you actually wear? After all, we all have our favorites – and those bras get a lot more wear and tear than the others. So, what’s a lady to do?

First, take a count of how many bras you have that you wear. Get rid of the ones you don’t wear because there’s obviously a reason why you never wear it. As a rule of thumb, a woman should own between 7-10 bras and rotate through them on a regular basis; that means no wearing the same bra two days in a row, ladies! If you have anything less than 7-10 bras, it’s time for some replacing or at the least, revamping of your undergarments!

Clara Comfort Soft Bra

Check it out Once a Year

So you went out and made sure you have 7-10 bras that you’ll actually wear. Now what? Try to get in the habit of checking over your bra collection at least once a year. Toss out the ones (approximately 3 each year) that simply look worn, no longer fit properly or that are just old. Then, reassess your size if your body has changed throughout the year, and replenish the 3 missing with 3 new and fitted ones!

Determine the Fit

The best way to tell if it’s time to retire your bras is to determine the fit. After all, fit is the most important thing to healthy and great-looking boobs, so you never want to underestimate it.

If your bra band is stretched out, it’s time for it to go in the trash. Sometimes, the best way to see this is in the cups; they will no longer line up perfectly with your breasts because the band is too loose. You also want to check the straps. If they’re loose and no longer hold the sizing clip in place, replace. If your underwire is popping out, replace.  Just check yourself out in the mirror the next time you put a bra on, and see if there’s drooping, digging, stretching or anything that is not the way it was when you first purchased it.

And that’s all you need to know, ladies. There’s no exact expiration date on bras because it varies per style, quality, brand and person. A bra you wear regularly will last longer than a special bra you have for that stunning backless dress you wear for date night once a month. A high quality bra will last much longer than a cheap one you picked up at the local department store. So, check yourself, your drawers and your bras out and you’ll quickly see if that expiration date has passed!


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