You can find an abundance of articles online that talk about whether or not wearing underwire bras while pregnant is comfortable or plausible, but very few talk about whether it is a safe option. There’s no denying that your breasts change in a variety of ways throughout pregnancy, one of the most noticeable ones being in size. The larger your breasts become, the more support you need, and high quality underwire bras can definitely provide just that, without sacrificing your comfort. However, many women wonder if underwire bras can cause harm to their ever changing breasts during pregnant. Today, we will address those concerns.
How Breasts Change During Pregnancy
Your breasts change rather quickly when pregnant, and the changes can sometimes begin as early as six weeks. You may experience tenderness, and your breasts may also feel heavier and appear larger. However, by how much truly depends on you, your pregnancy and body type as the amount changes from woman to woman. Some women’s breasts even stay the same size, while others can increase by several cup sizes. The thing is, your rib cage will likely expand during pregnancy as well. So, although your breasts may not change in cup size, a bra extender or new bra may be needed. But you may be wondering which maternity bra style is best, and will give you the required support.

Basic Maternity Bra

Health Concerns Regarding Underwire Bras and Pregnancy
There is actually no evidence that has been linked to harm being caused by wearing an underwire bra during pregnancy. The true concerns are associated with wearing bras that are too small, because doing so can interfere with the natural changes that your breasts and body go through during pregnancy. After all, they are changing for a reason. Some of the issues with wearing a bra that is too small when pregnant are:
• Obstruction of increased blood flow to your breasts.
• Discomfort and inflammation.
• Tightening on developing milk ducts.

Safe Bras for Pregnancy
As you can see, having a properly fitted bra is the key to healthy breasts when pregnant. It doesn’t necessarily matter what kind of bra you’re wearing, but rather, the craftsmanship, fit and quality of the style you choose. Maternity bras are definitely an excellent option that are both comfortable and supportive, and underwire styles can give you that extra support needed. The wires are low-gauge to deter disruption and discomfort. As a rule of thumb, shop maternity bras that have wide straps, viable support whether from panels or underwire, and adjustable back fastenings. Make sure that there is no bulging, and no digging, and if there is, you’re wearing the wrong size.

You don’t have to stick with the basic bra styles when pregnant, and can opt for any bra– as long as the size fits! All of the concerns healthcare professionals have addressed actually pertain to wearing a bra that is too small while pregnant, as opposed to wearing an underwire maternity bra. With that said, any generic and mass produced bra that hasn’t been meticulously crafted will likely be uncomfortable and potentially damaging to your breasts, which is why fit is one of the most important features of any bra – pregnant or not.

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