Finding the perfect bra can be a daunting task. There are so many collections to choose from with each having a vast selection of fabrics, styles, cuts, designs – and the most confusing of all, terms. There’s full cup, spacer bras, supportive, underwire and the list goes on and on. Without proper knowledge of these terms, you’re truly shopping for bras with a blindfold on. Since investing in your chest is one of the most important things you can do for your beloved bosoms, you’ll want to read over this crash course. Understanding the most popular bra terms before heading out the door on a shopping spree will make finding the perfect bra significantly easier and better yet, even more enjoyable.

This one can get be quite puzzling because the fashion industry and lingerie industry both offer bralettes, but for different purposes that are kind of the same purpose. You’re confused already. We hear ya! A bralette is also known as a softcup, and these bra styles are delicate, stretchy, feminine and completely comfortable with no underwires. Unfortunately, bralette styles are not ideal for ladies that are well-endowed as the design offers very little support and shape. As for the fashion industry, bralettes are more so for fashion purposes, as opposed to for undergarment, and are intended to be worn (and shown) under low, loose cut tops.

Demi Cup Bras
A demi bra is also known as a half-cup bra. So, it makes sense that the cups are approximately half of the size of a full cup. These are desirable styles because they create a stunning frame, while showing off a classy dose of cleavage as well. They even come in large cup sizes too!

Full Cup Bras
Now that you know what a demi cup bra is, the full cup bra is quite self-explanatory. The cups are full and cover most of your breasts. As a result, the support is phenomenal and these bras can actually decrease the amount of pressure that is put on your back. So, they’re amazing for women with larger cup sizes!

Plunge Bras
Like the prior, this bra style basically explains exactly what it is just in the title. Plunge bras are an ideal option for wearing under low-cut shirts, as the center plunges way down to produce a v-shaped neckline. Due to the deep center, a little push is often provided as well.

Push-up Bras
Oh, the lovely push-up bra! Every lady needs to have one of these within her wardrobe. Push-up bras do exactly what they say; they give the girls a little push and lift. These bras often have some padding hidden in the cups to increase the shape. The tricky part is that these bras can come in many other styles as well, such as a plunge or demi, with each offering superior results that are different from the other. For example, a push-up plunge bra will give your breasts a boost upwards and inwards to create some irresistible cleavage, whereas a push-up demi creates a full effect with a ton of push.

Convertible/Strapless Bras
Plenty of bras are now being produced with detachable straps to increase the versatility of them. This is excellent news for everyone, as one bra can now be worn in a multitude of ways and with just as many outfits. You just have to adjust the straps. It’s truly that simple. Switch the straps from the normal position into a racerback bra, halter, one-shoulder or completely remove them for a strapless style.

This article doesn’t even come close to describing all of the bra styles available to you. Instead, it breaks down the most popular ones so you can know the basics on what these bra styles and features can do for your bust. Invest in your chest with this crash course, ladies! We have many more coming your way. Check out for all the latest and greatest bras available.

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