A poorly fitted bra is literally the culprit of many problems. While discomfort, a lack of lift and support are all common problems associated with a poorly fitted bra, you’d be surprised at how many health concerns could be directly linked to simply wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly. The sad thing is, is that millions of women are wearing the wrong size right now. So, you don’t need an apple a day to keep the doctor away. You just need a good, properly fitting bra!

Indigestion, IBS and Tendonitis
Your jaw is probably on the ground after reading this heading, but a poorly fitted bra can definitely be a trigger for indigestion and tendonitis. Everything from rounded shoulders, curves in the back and even shortness of breath can be the result of a bad fit. Such health conditions can be triggered because the tightness of the bra can affect your posture and the positioning of your organs. This generally relates to a bra that is too tight and too small for your breast size, and should definitely be considered.

Curved Spine and Back Problems
Back problems seem inevitable, especially for women with larger breasts, but it could be your bra that is causing the problem. A poorly fitted bra can pull your shoulders and neck down, which results in your spine curving. Tension and discomfort is certain to follow.

Some women have also experienced hernias as a result of a poorly fitted bra. Typically, this occurs from an underwire style that is way too tight. Pressure builds up under the stomach, and tissues get pushed and pulled in all kinds of unnatural directions.

Heartburn and Tension Headaches
Heartburn is another health concern that may be trigged from a bra that doesn’t fit properly. Like the prior, pressure is applied to your body, which causes discomfort in a variety of areas. You may be surprised to know that the tension build up from straps being too tight can also cause tension headaches, neck pains and even the feeling of pins and needles in your shoulders and elbows.

Skin Irritations
Many women feel that the best part of their day is when they get to take their bra off, but this shouldn’t be the case if you’re wearing one that fits properly. If you have been experiencing skin irritations in areas that come in contact with you bra, it could be the result of unnecessary friction and a bad fit. Your bra should never rub or dig into your body, regardless of your shape and size.

It just goes to show that a poorly fitted bra can do a lot more damage than simply provide you with discomfort. The unnecessary pressure that is applied to your body can cause some rather serious health concerns that you certainly want to be aware of. As a rule of thumb, take the time to find your actual fit and always invest in high quality bras like the ones from Anita.  You can find a boutique that carries Anita and Rosa Faia products by clicking here.

This piece of undergarment is to enhance your comfort, style and shape, and not jeopardize it.

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