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What do I need to consider when buying swimwear with
large cups?

Rosa Faia

Sizes: 30-42

Cups: C-H

Rosa Faia

Sizes: 32-40

Cups: C-E

How do I conceal or emphasise a
large bust?

Rosa Faia

Sizes: 30-36

Cups: D-E

Do you need a
bra that fits perfectly?

Rosa Faia

Sizes: 30-38

Cups: C-E

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Tips & tricks for swimwear for large bust sizes

What to bear in mind when buying swimwear with big cups

As when buying underwear and lingerie , it is important that your swimsuit, bikini or tankini fits perfectly. That is why you shouldn’t buy swimwear that is too small.

Straps or bands that cut in are not only unhealthy but also make the skin bulge under the fabric in an unappealing way. Similarly, swimwear that is too big is also not desirable when it hangs down or sticks out at the cup.

Swimwear by Anita and Rosa Faia is available in cup sizes A to I - as is our lingerie. That’s why finding a tankini, swimsuit or bikini that fits perfectly is incredibly easy.

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If you like showing your large bust, choose eye-catching colours and patterns. Gathered sections and frills also attract eyes to your cleavage.

Simply conceal your bust using a neckline with a higher cut and single colours. The classic for making you look slim is still black. Our extra tip: accessories such as scarves or tunics are great companions that help to conceal large cup sizes.

Mix & Match

The problem: Do you have a large bosom but overall a slim figure? Not many swimwear manufacturers offer the right swimwear for busty women. A bikini or tankini top in a big size will usually come with bigger bottoms to complete the set. The solution: Mix & Match. The Rosa Faia mix & match range offers many combination options. That means you can, for example, choose a bikini with a large cup to go with a smaller size of bottoms. You can also mix & match styles, as well as colours and patterns.

Concealing or emphasising a large bust size

How does a swimsuit shape your figure?

Shaping the body with the help of fabrics and cuts: Anita comfort swimwear uses special, functional lining material and fabric textures to help sculpt that perfect beach body. Special cuts reinforce the figure-shaping effect.

Colour inserts create a slim look: In order to cut a great figure, you don’t have to wear the classic in gloomy black and go without trendy colours. Exciting patterns, vertical stripes or black sections sewn in on the sides lengthen the silhouette and quickly create a slim waist.    

Little highlights: Gathered sections, knots, decorative rings and patches conceal and guide the eyes to your individual assets. Does your swimsuit absorb too much sun? A tankini is a great alternative if you don't really want to show your tummy all the time, but want to tan as much of your body as possible when sunbathing. This two-piece drapes loosely around your tummy and hips, meaning it’s comfortable and hides a little extra padding around the waist.

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