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Which bra or compensation shape is most suitable for you depends on your individual requirements. You will find the right selection and competent advice from your health care supplier.

Anita carries out regular training sessions and seminars in health care supply stores across Germany. In these seminars, the specialist sales staff is not only trained in detail regarding Anita products but also about general topics such as advice on the correct prosthesis size.

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health insurance regulations

Please note our advice regarding the correct medical prescription. This can help you to prevent laborious bureaucracy. And you can concentrate on gaining new courage and zest for life with the help of Anita care.

The following applies to Germany and Austria:

  • On your doctor’s prescription, the bra must be identified as “prosthesis support”. Otherwise, it will not be classed as eligible for a subsidy from health insurance companies.
  • Anita mastectomy bras are “prosthesis supports with integrated pockets”.

Health insurance companies bear:

  • 100% of the costs for a silicone prosthesis or a compensatory solution (every 2 years in Germany).
  • Part of the costs for a mastectomy bra twice a year. 
  • Part of the costs for swimwear every 2 to 3 years.
  • A complete new supply in cases of weight change if confirmed by the doctor.

The following applies to Germany:

  • Anita breast prostheses and compensatory solutions have medical aid numbers and can therefore be settled with any statutory health insurance provider. 

The following applies to Switzerland:
Breast prostheses are standard benefits covered by disability insurance or health insurance. The patient’s age at the time of surgery decides which insurance applies.