Congratulations on your pregnancy. Now it won’t be long before your little treasure is born. But let’s not be under any illusion – pregnancy changes your body and also has unpleasant side effects. One of these are tired and especially heavy legs. During pregnancy, a lot more blood is pumped through your body and the path back to the heart is more difficult. Swollen, tight legs and feet are therefore not uncommon. But don’t worry: Here are a few tricks to make your legs feel lighter again…


Tips and tricks against heavy legs

Do heavy and swollen legs bring you down? Even if you have to make an effort: Exercise helps, as it gets the lymph and blood flow going. A longer walk is often enough to relieve swelling. Light gymnastic exercises, which can even be done while sitting on the couch, can also help. Alternating warm and cold showers and massages with your hands or a gentle brush also have a positive effect on the body – especially in the morning. At night, it is advisable to elevate your legs to support blood flow. Please don’t forget to drink during the day! It is a misconception that drinking less avoids water retention. Water and tea are the best option.


The right clothing lightens heavy legs

Another trick against heavy legs can be found in the wardrobe.

Because: The right clothing can also stimulate your blood circulation. Special pregnancy styles are designed to improve blood flow back to the heart – such as our “Miss Fantastic” by Anita maternity. The tight, which are made of functional knitted fabric with 3D nubs, massage and tone the legs and even grow with you up to the ninth month thanks to a high proportion of stretch on the belly. At the same time, the bottoms are extremely comfortable: They feature breathable properties, ensuring optimal air circulation and good moisture regulation. The high level of comfort is beneficial for expectant mothers – whether sitting, standing or walking. And the tights have another advantage: They impress with their great shaping effect – which many women also want after pregnancy.


So, what are you waiting for? 😉


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