Back Fat is a demon that plagues us all – whilst we prefer to refer to them as “angels wings” we all still wish they would take flight and leave us with smooth silhouettes.

It wasn’t that long ago that I had never heard of back fat, far too busy worrying about my tummy and hips it never occurred to me that as I got older I would have to worry about my back. I mean isn’t it enough that we suffer sit-ups by the thousand all through our twenties and thirties (I was a bit sick of them by the time I was forty I don’t know about you girls!)

To add insult to injury it seems that back fat can appear on the slimmest of torsos so it’s not even as simple as just losing a bit of weight. Anyway now, unfortunately, I have not only heard of back fat but even worse discovered that on occasion the clothes I wear are not very forgiving and are quickly discarded into the Oxfam pile with a silent shudder and a weary sigh!

But wait… do we really need to be so hasty? Is there a way we can dress around the dreaded back fat issue and retain our wardrobes intact? You will be pleased to learn that there is ladies, and as Anita is an underwear manufacturer you may not be surprised to learn that the answer lies squarely in your lingerie drawer.

There are host of exercises regimes that you could employ to try and rid yourself of it of course, yoga is said to be good, upping your cardio along with various other exercises and there is a great article on the Yahoo Health pages packed full of tips on how to do just that. You can read it here

Clara –  Support bra without underwire

Nude bra to smooth out back fat from Anita comfort

However for the purposes of this blog I will assume that you are all as lazy as I am and don’t want to hit that gym just yet (I’ll be saving that for my annual January must-get-fit resolution) so I will share with you an inside secret that will make sure you eliminate as much bulging back fat as possible without really trying very hard at all.

Basically girl’s it’s in the choice and style of your bra. It’s the Bridget Jones affect all over again – stringy strappy briefs look fab on the hanger but carve grooves into our hips that create unflattering lines whilst “big girl pants” are smoothing and sculpting…. Sorry to say it’s the same with bras!!

Jana – Cotton support bra

White bra without underwire to hide back fatOften we like the dainty and feminine look of lacey frivolities on the hanger, but these wispy and delicate delights designed to make us feel sultry and seductive do the opposite for our appearance as they cut into flesh and accentuate overhangs. The sad reality is that a more structured bra with higher underarm wings, a wider back and sensible straps will smooth out our lines and contour us far more effectively than that shoestring strap balconette ever will.

Havanna – Lace comfort bra

Anita comfort bra Havanna with wide reliefing straps and black lace

A badly fitting bra won’t help matters either. If it doesn’t sit in a straight line all around your torso then it will be accentuating the dreaded back fat because it’s not sitting properly. You will see bulges all around the band and the straps, never a good look.

Take a look at some of the best bras from Anita that will help to eliminate the appearance of unsightly back fat and use the stockist finder to find a retailer near you.

  1. Anita Roberts says:

    Hi Anita! Thanks for a great article. What can you recommend — I have an off shoulder gown in which I am needing to wear a waist cincher. The gown allows for no bra but the cincher creates a muffin top. What can I wear that will give me a smooth shape from under arms to hips?


    Anita R.

    • Hi Anita,

      in our Rosa Faia and Anita Comfort range we only carry bodysuits with straps you may want to look into our shaping panties 🙂

      Yours; Kristina

  2. The Internet: saying back fat as a result of a sedentary lifestyle with poor nutrition and aging
    Me: had back fat since I was old enough to wear a bra, follow the diet and exercise regime, and still have it, along with many other bumps and lumps
    I think it runs in my family because my mom is a very healthy eater (is in WW) and has the same thing. What has really helped me is the Puma sports bra. It fits as a mini top rather than a conventional bra, and the low, tight-fitting back acts as a semi shapewear for your upper half. It doesn’t push in back fat but it does hug it in a way that it feels less intrusive, and doesn’t reinforce it like conventional bra straps. It’s very effective in smoothing the upper torso as well.

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