Freezing temperatures won’t keep us from being active. When you think about it: all you need is the right sportswear. And if you got the right outerwear for the job, you should have the right things on underneath as well. Sports underwear has a function: it should keep us warm, but never feel sweaty. Another important factor is comfort, and that it doesn’t keep us from achieving our goals. The PanAlp™ collection by Anita active combines function, comfort and design, and will be our perfect companion for sports activities all winter. Let’s now introduce those sporty styles.


Perfect performance in freezing temperatures

Of course, we don’t want to interrupt our workout just because we’re getting cold. Warm materials give plenty of comfort in that respect. The PanAlp™ wool collection relies on the power of high-quality merino wool that combines a whole lot of features: The fibre is quick drying, breathable, dirt-repellent, odour-neutral and ensures perfect heat exchange. The material feels comfortably cool if you start heating up during your training. PanAlp™ air is the latest addition to the team. The series includes a sports bra with super lightweight mesh made of high-tech materials that get a big thumbs up. They ensure perfect ventilation and a comfortable skin climate. The jacquard high-waist briefs with mesh inserts on the sides are a perfect match. Du to the quick drying properties of the material, moisture is quickly wicked away to the surface and you will always feel nice and dry.


Modern looks for sporty moments

Sure, looks are important. Classic, timeless looks with a clear, uncomplicated design will look great on any sporty woman. The PanAlp™ wool sports bra relies on a minimalist style with a broad bridge, underbust band and length-adjustable straps. The briefs come as a high-waisted version and – just like the bra – in a muted, contrasting look. PanAlp™ air also features a pretty, but understated style. The mix of anthracite and black looks wonderfully elegant, while the textured fabric adds urban chic. Subtle logo details on the bra and panty give the ensemble a signature flair and round off the style. You’ll be perfectly styled right down to the skin ad can get started on your yoga exercises or go for a jog across the wintry landscape.


Insider tip: Wear the massage sports tights under the ski pants for extra warmth on cold days. The massaging and toning 3D dots on the inside of the leggings keep the circulation going and prevent your legs getting cold.


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