Sports meet leggings meet python design: Anita active presents not one but three fashion trends in a single garment. And that’s not all: The massage sports tights look fashionable and trendy – while their special powerware material promotes circulation. The material with structured dots massages and tones the leg with every movement and also supports regeneration. Not surprising that some girls want to wear these sports tights all the time. And now they can do just that, because the version in black and the one in the new, stylish python design are way too cool to only wear them at the fitness studio or for jogging. How can you combine leggings for an office or party look? The bloggers Jenny (, Conny ( and Olga ( showed us some cool styling options in their photoshoot. And we have some more ideas for you as well!

Office look

If you want to feel really comfy, but also well dressed at the office, you could wear a long blouse under an oversized blazer with your python leggings. Both will reach past your bum and give the style a professional look. Wear a pair of black boots with that to give the outfit a casual flair. And if you prefer a more elegant look: Try some black pumps instead.

Party style

Sports leggings in the club? All you need is the right tuning to create a cool look. Simply wear a black bra with the snake print leggings. Add a tailored long blazer and button it up. Some big earrings and black stilettos will round off the look. If that’s a bit too racy for you: Wear a cute lingerie top over the bra – that will also look very sexy.

We even have some great “python” dance moves for you right here.

A girls’ day out

Going shopping? Brunch? Cinema? Then you’ll need an outfit that is practical and also comfy. How about an oversized knit jumper (an off-the shoulder look is great) in anthracite or grey? Round off the look with a pair of white sneakers and a shopper. And if it is a little cold outside, you could add a grey beanie and a black trenchcoat.

First date at home

You’ve decided to have a romantic date at home? Sounds exciting. Here’s a great idea for you if you can’t decide on what to wear: Combine the python leggings with a shoulder-free oversized cashmere jumper and thick, cuddly socks. Round off the look with an up-do for your hair. Et voilà: The perfect blend of cute, sexy and casual.

A stressful day ahead

There are days, when you just have too much to do and race from one appointment to the next. A day like that really calls for a practical and comfortable outfit. High heels and tight-fitting tops really aren’t what you need. Instead: Wear your leggings like tights, put on a simple, straight-cut knit dress and slip on your comfy boots. If need be, you can add a leather jacket for warmth. Nice and easy, right?


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