Fashion in compression


Fashion means more to me than just the choice between “jeans or jogging pants”.


As a wearer of compression garments for the arms and legs, you ask yourself a lot of questions every day – which compressions are combinable, what are the temperatures, should the compression be visible or not?


Your plans for the day are also important, e.g. am I going to exercise later? Which compression is my favourite for this purpose? Do I have a doctor’s appointment, and which compression is easiest to put on again?


I wear my compression tights 90% visible. I’ve been wearing my compression aids consistently since 2021, so I can live well with the lipoedema disease in my arms and legs. Dresses, skirts and shorts have become part of my everyday wear.

I am a small, curvy woman and proud of my proportions. Of course, not every day is the same, but that is normal for all women.

A small waistline compared to broader hips and sturdy legs is typical for women with lipoedema. I like to enhance my waist and love wearing long dresses despite my small size.


In my Instagram account, I try to inspire women who are curvy and/or have lipoedema.

In the past, I used to mostly wear black clothes, but now I love colourful outfits.

In addition to a walk-in wardrobe, I also have a walk-in shoe cabinet.


As women with lipoedema, we also have special requirements when it comes to shoe fashion.

I have narrow feet but strong calves that can become very painful as they are also affected by the

chronic disease. Many lovely boots, narrow high heels or tight fitting boots are simply out of the question. Another thing to watch out for is the material. You don’t want to damage your expensive compression stockings with rivets, sequins or zips.

Open and closed toes are another daily issue for us flat knit compression heroines. Not everyone likes to wear open-toe shoes or sandals with closed toe stockings.

I find the Lymph-O-Fit leggings are a good option for allowing your feet to breathe. If you’re at the beach, the Sports Tights Massage allow you to feel the sand and cool down your feet in the water.

The lack of choice in terms of compressions is another huge issue for most women with lipoedema. Our health insurance providers usually grant us between two to a maximum of four compression products per year. If you’re not permitted to or can’t wear coloured compressions at your job, this already severely limits your choices. Most women don’t have the luxury of choosing one for leisure and another one for work.

Not to forget that compression is a medical aid, not a fashion accessory.


I personally find the Lymph-O-Fit Compression Pants Dubai a great help when I need a comfortable, light and quick solution for my legs.

On days when I feel unwell or too tired to squeeze myself into compressions, the Sport Tights Massage is my preferred choice. Popping out to collect a parcel, a quick dash home after a doctor’s visit, 45 minutes yoga training with maximum freedom of movement, getting out of the compression and into the Sport Tights.


Being able to wear the ANITA Lymph-O-Fit all the time obviously depends on the acute level of pain and the extent of your condition.

All the same, it’s a fantastic addition to your compression garments.

I really value the freedom of movement, foot freedom and comfortable fit.


On holiday on an AIDA cruise, on days without excursions, I really treasured my Anita Lymph-O-Fit.

Slipping into the pants for breakfast without any fuss, then into the pool and after that back into the Sport Tights. A fantastic feeling!


I’d like to find out on what occasions and times you really treasure your ANITA Lymph-O-Fit?

Just send me a DM to my Instagram account.

Hi, my name is Janina

My body is not a piece of jewelry, but an instrument. I have lipedema St II in my arms and legs. In the meantime, I know how to accept myself and enjoy my life with the diagnosis. The announcement and education of the disease are a matter close to my heart.

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