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Adorable bras for large bust sizes

Our Big Cup styles up to cup J don't just shape a gorgeous cleavage – they also offer very strong support.

As a specialist for Big Cup sizes, we focus our development efforts on a perfect fit and firm support – also for a small underbust measurement of 65 cm.

Big cup bras from the new collection

A sophisticated cut - gorgeous lace details - perfect support

Beautiful lingerie for every type of figure

Discover bras with large cup sizes with elegant lace or a more classic look - depending on your preferences.

Plus size - styling tips for large cup sizes

Your cup is beautyfull

Be proud of your bust size and don't be shy to show off your assets! But how do you style a full bosom without drawing negative attention? The chest area can look a little overwhelming if you are otherwise slender and have slim legs and a narrow waist.

Here are 5 tips how to skilfully show off your bust without drawing unwanted attention.

Find your perfect bra

“Having a good bra is like having a good boyfriend, it's all about support.” A perfectly fitting bra lifts, supports and shapes, making your bust look naturally gorgeous. To do that, the bra must fit exactly. The best thing you can do is visit a specialist retailer near you to have yourself measured professionally. There you will also find a Big Cup bra to fit you perfectly.

A longer, more slender looking neck

Avoid necklines that visually shorten the neck. Stay away from turtleneck jumpers or tops with boat necklines. Your best bet are V-neck or heart-shaped necklines . Medium length necklaces are a good way to accentuate your cleavage but they must be short enough not to disappear between your breasts or dangle over the front.

“The biggest challenge in my job is to get a feel for the wishes and wants of our customers in advance. And once those become clear, then we have to try and put them all together in terms of fit and function . Our goal is to find a good match for all the different body types.”

- Katja, lingerie designer, ROSA FAIA -

Vertical yes, horizontal no

We all know that horizontal stripes broaden and vertical stripes stretch . The same principle applies to dividing seams, by the way.

Slim lines for your upper body

Try to avoid styles that add volume to your upper body,  like puffy sleeves, frills, flounces or breast pockets.

Smooth, slimline tops flatter your shape, while loose-fitting, shapeless tops would over-emphasise your chest area and make you look much bigger than you are.

Secret tip: think about the cut of your trousers

Believe it or not: the shape of your trousers can impact on the way your upper body looks! Super-skinny jeans, for example, will make your chest look huge.

Better: trousers and skirts with a straight cut emphasise a slim silhouette without neglecting female proportions.

Super important for busty women: a good posture. As the saying goes: “Stomach in, chest out, shoulders back.”

Bras tips for large cup sizes

Big Cup - it's all in the cut. What is the difference between a Big Cup bra and a regular bra? Women with a large bust often have problems finding the right bra.  It shouldn't just be the right size, it should also have some special features that lift and support the bust and create a nice, rounded shape.

The cup design (4-part division)

The cups of our Big Cup styles feature supple and strong materials with a special cut for strong  support.

Unlike some of the more conventional styles , the cup of our Big Cup bras consists of four instead of three segments. This construction reduces volume on the sides and pushes the breast forward for a perfectly rounded cup shape. The result is more arm freedom, the breasts look more symmetrical and the entire upper body looks slimmer.

Extra lining in the back

There is additional lining in the back to stop it from stretching too much. This stops the bra straps from sliding off your shoulders.

The ‘Powerware’ on the back and sides of the bra ensures comfortable, firm support and the best comfort.


The bridge between the cups

High and narrow: The bridge between the cups is cut a little higher to offer the required hold, but also quite narrow to prevent the breasts being pushed apart, giving the wearer a beautiful cleavage.

By the way: Sometimes the tissue on your breasts can be very soft, so if you would like to give them a rounder shape, then why not try a padded bra? They fit wonderfully, provide excellent support and create a beautiful shape.

Bra straps 

Unlike conventional bras, the straps are positioned further inwards because of the four cup segments. That shifts the tension on the straps towards the middle of the breast.

As a result, the straps lie more towards the middle of the shoulder and can't slip. This position and the wider shape of the strap guarantee a softer fit and more comfort all day long.

5 myths about bras for big-busted women

1. A big bust always means a bra with clunky, wide straps

Wrong! They shouldn't be too narrow to cut into the shoulder. Very wide straps, on the other hand, can lie in an inconvenient position across the muscle between neck and shoulder, therefore causing tension. Just choose a bra with straps that still feel comfortable after wearing it for a few hours.
The elasticity of the straps is another important factor. They should have very little give when pulled. 

2. A wide underbust band means more support.

Yes and no The following applies for underwire bras: The wider the underbust band, the higher the risk that it folds over when you move, making the bra everything but comfortable. But: a wider underbust band can add to the support and comfort of the bra if you choose a bra without underwire.

3. A higher underwire will give extra support

Wrong! An underwire bra should enclose the bosom and lie comfortably against the breast bone between the breasts. Especially in bigger cup sizes, an underwire that is too high could protrude between the breasts and mar the overall look.​​​​​​​

It would then stick out from the breast, feel uncomfortable and be visible under a snug-fitting top. Our tip: Shop around and find the right underwire bra for you! It should fit your body exactly which means it won't be too high in front and it will enclose your breasts on the sides.

4. Big cups also mean a large underbust measurement

Wrong! It is easy to find stylish, sexy lingerie that goes up to larger cup sizes these days - even for smaller underbust measurements starting at just 65 cm. The number of underwear manufacturers specialising in big cups is growing. Gone are the times of oversized, boring bras in the underwear drawer. Now there is an abundance of sexy details, delicate fabrics and lace to choose from - right up to the big cup sizes.

5. Back pain is usually the result of an ill-fitting bra

Correct! But here's the problem with the products from many manufacturers: Big cup bras are often only available for underbust measurements from 75 or 80 cm upwards, which means slender women with a big bust get a raw deal. Many young women face the problem of having to wear an ill-fitting bra, therefore suffering from backache because they simply cannot find a bra in their size. Rosa Faia offers models up to large cup sizes from an underbust measurement of only 65 cm.


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