Christmas is almost here and you are still looking for a nice present for your bestie, your mom or your sister? Practically every woman will be happy about a beautiful, great quality bra. But before you start looking through our online shop – think about the type of bra that would be best for the intended recipient. After all: you want to see a happy smile instead of a disappointed look when your gift is unwrapped. We have some tips ready for you to make sure you buy the perfect bra.

Know the correct size

The bra you buy can be amazing to look at – but: It won’t be of any use at all if it is the wrong size. Try to find out the bra size of the one you want to surprise. You could, for example, talk about some gorgeous lingerie you just saw in a shop and turn the conversation to sizes. Some window shopping with the intended recipient of your gift will also help find the right style. If you live with her, you can just have a quick look at the size label, when her bra comes out of the wash.


Comfort is key

Make sure that the garment has a comfortable and good finish if you want to give a bra as a gift to somebody. After all: you want her to wear it and be happy with it! The material should be soft and stretchy to make sure nothing pinches in or chafes. Good support is a really important factor for your busty friend – which can be ensured with four-layer cups and broad shoulder straps. Soft bras without underwire are particularly comfortable – regardless of bust size – as they are soft and supple on the skin.

Her taste – not yours!

There are plenty of bra styles, designs and colours to choose from. Important: Just because you like a particular model that doesn’t automatically mean your friend will love the bra too. Think about what style she would like and make your choice accordingly. Have a look at the way she dresses: Does she wear trendy fashion and does she like it colourful? Then she will love a bra with expressive patterns. And bright colours will also suit her. If you are unsure and just want to be on the safe side, choose a timeless classic – you’ll never go wrong! Just a plain bra in black, white or a pretty powdery hue will be perfect.

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