Sunshine does wonders to our soul and looking out to sea is calming and relaxing. No matter what life throws at you – nothing and nobody should keep you from having a wonderful time at the beach. Part of that – of course – is some gorgeous beachwear you feel a million dollars in. Anita care has beach styles for women that have undergone breast conservation surgery or use breast prostheses. The bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits combine comfort with modern design to make you feel powerful, confident and secure.

Did you know that the Anita care beachwear styles consists of prints from the Rosa Faia and Anita since 1886 collection? That means it will be impossible at first glance to tell, from which collection you have chosen your beachwear style.

Looking good and feeling great

Bright colours and exciting pattern that will make you feel happy. Choose from the Exotic Paradise collection with tropical prints to remind you of your favourite holiday destination, or step into the waves with the floral patterns of the Lisboa Love series. Bright colours and tasty fruits combine the styles of Tropical Alicante, while abstract leaves and blossoms go wild on the Sweet Aloha looks. My tip: Retro is all the rage in 2022! Take a trip into the past with glitz, glam, and delicate gold foil, or go for the cool look with black-and-white graphic elements. A matching cover up, for example a tunic or beach dress, will round off the outfit.


Comfy, feel-good designs

Anita care beachwear is made for any woman and any life situation: The bikini and tankini tops and swimsuits are designed for optimal support: with integrated shaping cups or high necklines. Features like a soft cup lining, adjustable straps and the practical prosthesis pockets enhance your comfort. Generous cuts with plenty of fabric expertly conceal scars and give you the confidence to enjoy a carefree day at the beach or by the pool. What else is important to feel comfortable and confident in your beachwear?


This is what Paula from the podcast 2Frauen2Brüste (2Women2Breasts) had to say:

Bikini, tankini or one-piece – which style do you prefer?

I really can’t just limit myself to one style – I love summer and that is why swimwear is more than a garment. To me, it is like an expression of my life and style.


What cut would your perfect bikini top have?

I like a hint of a cleavage, but everything should be tucked away safe and secure, in opaque and robust packaging.


Single colour, patterned or with an all-over print – which do you prefer for a fun day at the beach?

Back, when I wasn’t part of the care fashion brigade, I was fully committed to the “muted plain colour” team. I firmly believed I could hide my big boobs. How silly was I! With care fashion I have become a lot braver and now I love bright colours, stripes, polka dots and patterns. Life is too short to hide what you’ve got.


How important is the scar concealment factor when choosing a bikini top?

Not important at all. I am quite happy to get some sun and fresh air on the scars (wit sun protection, of course!).


What do you look for in prostheses beachwear?

It must fit well and follow big movements in swimming and in sports.


What would you recommend as a well-put together beach outfit?

I think the same applies for care and normal swimwear: Leave your complexes, your self-criticism and self doubt at home. At the healthcare supply store and on the beach. A life in flip-flops and bikini is wonderful – that’s how you should feel in whatever you like to wear.

Here is where you can find Paula on Instagram.


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