Yes, we all love exciting lingerie with plenty of lace, luxurious embroidery or appliqués – but everyone needs minimalist, sensible basics for everyday wear that are also super comfy and easy mix and match all-rounders. Anita since 1886 has put together a range of uncomplicated bottoms in a variety of cuts for your personal needs in the “Anita’s Essentials” line. Let’s talk about what makes these cute bottoms so special.


Classics for the perfect “underneath”

It doesn’t always have to be a show-stopper. When we look for the right lingerie under the favourite dress or for the casual jeans-and-top combo, then we want no-frills classics that basically disappear underneath the outfit. Anita’s Essentials briefs with their flat-bonded seams produce no annoying VPL (visible panty line) and remain unseen, no matter how tight you like to wear your trousers. My tip: It is a no-brainer to wear black underwear under black clothes. If you like it a little luxurious, then a maritime blue is probably the right choice for you. White underwear under light-coloured trousers is a no-no! Go for a nude colour instead!


Diversity in the underwear drawer is the way to go!

Briefs for every mood and body shape: If you like your underwear sitting on your hips and with a smallish cut, then hipsters should be your first choice. If, on the other hand, you have a little bit of a belly to hide or simply feel better more fabric around your bits, then try high-waist briefs – they are also a good choice for colder weather. All our Anita’s Essentials are a great match for your ROSA FAIA and ANITA bras. Choose a bra in the same colour or create a cool contrast with a brightly coloured or patterned design.


Super soft materials for perfect comfort

We wear underwear all day long. It goes without saying that nothing should annoy, pinch or chafe. That is why Anita’s Essentials are designed for comfort. The briefs are made of soft and supple fabric, which makes them super comfy, while protecting your inner thighs from dreaded chafing. The super elastic finish with multi-stretch allows the undies to mould around your curves and follow every movement. But that doesn’t mean they won’t stay exactly where they are supposed to be – thanks to the resilient tapes with good recoil. That means you can feel great all around in your underwear.

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