The average bust size in the UK is on the rise according to a report in the Guardian back in 2010 from a 34B to a 36D. A more recent survey by another source claimed this was actually closer to a 36DD but we know from our experience selling bras that many of us are currently measuring in with E, F, G, H, I and J cups too.

Being blessed with an ample bosom certainly has its perks, (distracting irate traffic officers anyone?) but it can also bring problems such as back ache, difficulty wearing and choosing certain clothes and not to mention the problems with certain jewellery types or cross body bags!

We can’t do much to stop longer necklaces swinging like a pendulum from your bosom or prevent a cross body bag dividing your breasts neatly into two voluminous mountains but we might just be able to help with the back ache and the way clothes look on your body shape.

First, straighten up girls! Many of us make our backache worse by poor posture. We know it’s hard to stand up straight, chest out, when we are probably already pretty self-conscious about our bust but we really do need to stand tall to help our backs support the additional weight. (Grrr… Men don’t have to worry about of this do they?)

Secondly get a well fitted quality bra. Clothes will hang better and you will look slimmer as your breasts will be up where they should be and your waist will be more defined revealing a shapely silhouette that you didn’t know you had! (Think Gok Wan and his hourglass shapes).

Many of us have bemoaned the fact that pretty bras to fit larger cups are hard to find. We lust after a lacy balconette with shoe string straps but all too often the only choice we have to fit us is a grandma style beige coloured support bra with ugly wide straps. Well the good news is that Anita have listened to the grumbles of all and we have two fantastic new big cup bras for all you curvy ladies to delight over.


Introducing Emily Big Cup

The special Big Cup bra from Cup F-J features a sophisticated cut with four-piece cups and special details for fit, stability and relief. Delicate point d’esprit tulle and filigree lace provide anincomparably elegantlingerie look.


So ladies there is no reason to be satisfied with an ugly bra nor to endure a badly fitting pretty one, check out the Anita stockist near you and ask to try Emily.

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