We are really excited about this one ladies and are super pleased to announce the launch of Anita’s most innovative sports bra yet; Air control 5544 – a revolutionary design featuring the ultra-high performance, patented, delta foam pad.


The designers have taken a brand new approach for this sports bra and created a triangular shaped pad inside the cup instead of the usual full foam cup found in other sports bra’s. This triangular shape allows airflow under the breast, through the central cleavage area and through the sides of the breast resulting in a much cooler experience for the wearer.


In addition to the problem of full cups being hot to wear, they also allow the breast to move within their parameters as there is no compression in these foam liners. Anita’s patented new design means this type of movement is eradicated as the delta pad is anchored in three strategic points and then overlaid with a super strong,  breathable compression mesh that keeps the breast stable inside the pad and supported to the max.

This is a fantastic development since, as we all know, the reason for wearing a sports bra in the first place is to restrict breast movement. There are no muscles in the breast ONLY the Coopers ligament – this generates all the uplift in the breasts – if this ligament becomes damaged it cannot be repaired, so we must protect and retain its function.


The Triangular delta pad itself is also air permeable with a soft inner layer of terry cloth that  sits against the skin for comfort,  a perforated central layer which pulls moisture away from the body aiding temperature control and a fast drying exterior mesh to  keep the breast dry, cool and stabilized throughout your exercise regime.


The high level of technicity and attention to detail also extends to the elastic under band of the bra both in its ergonomic shape and also design. The band itself features a unique construction detail with small holes positioned throughout for optimum airflow, and it is also lined with soft terry cloth to prevent a sweaty or damp under-bust. These additional design points ensure that the coolest wear, maximum support and supreme comfort of the new Air Control 5544 extend throughout the whole bra.


With all these exciting new features you would be forgiven for thinking that the style of the sports bra would be compromised somewhat. You might expect that the appearance would be sacrificed a little in return for the practical advantages on offer, but no; this bra looks incredible even if we do say so ourselves!. Air Control 5544 offers a glamorous semi-transparent optic with sleek padded support straps that shape elegantly into the bra to create a sweetheart neckline; while the bra itself gives the breast a fabulous shape and profile.


We will remind you nearer the time but the bra will be available in black or hot pink from AA – H cup and should be in the shops from February 2017. Cool Running ladies…




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